New Dubai record: the most expensive burger in the world worth $10000

The most expensive burger in the world was sold during an auction in Dubai: the final price reached $10000 and we are going to discover its components.

The city of Dubai is constantly bringing us new delicacies for the real fans of luxury. Recently we told you about the golden ice cream and tasty coffee with gold, but on the 16th day of March Dubai set new record: they sold the most expensive burger in the world. Even though this burger was cooked by one of the most famous chefs in the world, it contains no gold or other “nonfood” goods. It was an amazing and totally edible burger, which confirms that people here can create exclusive things virtually from nothing. 

So, why was the most expensive burger in the world so expensive and what was the main component of it?

The most expensive burger in the world

Short back story...

This burger was cooked and offered during Pink Bite charity auction carried out by Pink Caravan. Their main goal is to collect money in order to develop and produce effective treatment and early diagnostic methods of breast cancer. Several other delicacies were offered during the auction, while money was collected to continue current researches.

It turns out that the most expensive burger in the world is two times more expensive than the sandwich that was sold two years ago.

It turns out that such crazy price was paid not for an incredible taste or filling of the burger, but for researches and scientific works of the host of venue. Nevertheless, the burger with such price couldn’t have been something usual...

The most expensive burger in the world and its filling

This astonishing sandwich is called “Seven Emirates Burgerstack”. It was cooked by chef Russell Impiazzi culinary director of Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet, along with Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, chairman, Department of Statistics and Community Development, Sharjah and co-founder of air tickets selling system.

The burger was prepared with seven patties with aged cheese and veal bacon in a saffron bun. The dish was served with a milkshake and Harissa sauce.

There were four of these burgers sold during the evening. The price of the most expensive one reached $10000 (36700 AED) and it became the most expensive sandwich in the world. Two years ago another burger was sold for $7000 during another auction. It’s worth noting that it was another world record.

During that night they sold delicacies for $29000. After deducting auction fees, all the money was transferred to Pink Caravan charity foundation.

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