Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will perform in Saint Petersburg on July 25

On July 25, A2 Club located on Medikov Lane in Saint Petersburg will host the legendary Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds with their new show and album called Skeleton Tree.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds will perform in А2 Club in Saint Petersburg

Legendary Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will perform on July 25 in A2 Club in Saint Petersburg as the part of their new tour. 

Nick Cave can be easily called one of the most mysterious rock stars in the world. He’s a real genius if music instruments, who manages to combine perfect music and deep emotions of his memorable lyrics, which touch the hearts of the listeners. His works crushing charts since 1983, and the composer and his band are still popular and followed by the millions of fans. Cave is called the king of alternative rock, the biggest mystery in the world, and one of the gloomiest musicians because of his look and heavy music motives. However, that’s why he’s still popular and famous despite his age. 

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave is connected with Russia because of his father. He was a teacher of literature at the school, and he showed Nick how to love Russian writers. No doubt that one of the first bands of Nick Cave called Birthday Party was impressed by the ‘Crime and Punishment’ by Dostoevsky.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will perform their new show called Skeleton Tree in Saint Petersburg. It seems that this is the gloomiest album in the history of Cave because it was written during the period when a 15-year-old son of Nick died after falling from the rock under drugs.

July 25 will be the main day of the year for the real fans of alternative rock and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. A2 club in Saint Petersburg will host the concert of the famous musicians, who will present their new album called Skeleton Tree.

On July 27, the band will perform at Adrenaline Stadium in Moscow.

Venue: А2 Green Concert, Medikov Lane, 3, Saint Petersburg

Tickets: from 4,000 rubles

Date: July 25, 2018

Starts at: 20:00

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