Useful tips about saving money during the holiday

05 November 2018
Some travellers consider saving money during the holiday as a fantastic concept, because we go travelling for impressions, that are more expensive than money. And yet, a little common sense would be handy...

Each and every person faced that moment when we start to waste the money during the holiday. This is more than normal. We feel new emotions, see numerous attractive offers, and we want to try everything at once. Even the most budget and strict tourists start spending all the money during the holiday. We only live once… so we can buy things and pay for services, which we would never buy in our daily life. 

saving money during the holiday

Nevertheless, if you know how to keep your mind clear, you can protect yourself from excessive expenditures during the holiday. At the very same time the basic rules are really simple and easy to follow:

1. Take some cash with you

In the majority of cases, the tourists want to buy more souvenirs just because they don’t have enough cash, and the seller has no change (or pretends not to have). You don’t really want to run around the market trying to change the money, so you decide to spend all of them in the shop. In the case when you have some small banknotes, you will be able to buy only something that you really need.

saving money during the holiday

2. Pay in cash

This is the well-known fact. We do care about the cash, while we are careless in the case with the credit cards. You can feel the cash, and you understand that you give it for something. Money in the bank account is not real, and we can easily exchange them for something useless.

3. Buy some local currency in advance

You can make it even in your own country. You can buy dollars or Euros before a trip to the USA or Europe. By doing so, you can buy them at the normal rate. Change offices at the airports and resorts take a huge fee knowing that the tourist has no other option. They are always in hurry, and ready to pay more. Don’t be such a tourist!

Smart saving money in travel will not affect the brightness of impressions of the trip, but will help to save a significant amount of cash.

If you can’t buy the currency before the trip, try to withdraw it from the card on the arrival. The conversion will be made according to the official exchange rate of the payment system.

saving money during the holiday

4. Withdraw money only in your own currency

This is the national currency of your country. You can withdraw money anywhere in the world, and the local currency will be calculated in the currency of your account. In case if you use rubles, you have a card in Euro, and you want to withdraw Egyptian Pounds, you will pay two times for the double conversion.

saving money during the holiday

5. Think about your safety in advance

Don’t forget to set the limits for purchases and withdrawals for all your cards, and let your bank know that you are going abroad. In case if something is wrong, you will have to call the bank, paying the impossible amount for the roaming. That’s why you can think in advance, and avoid such unpleasant situations in the future.

saving money during the holiday

6. Avoid immediate purchases

All the unplanned expenditures are the main problem for the tourist. We think that we only live once. It’s hard to avoid them, especially if you are traveling with someone, and you need to think for both of you. Always set the limits for each type of expenditures. We will tell you how to make it in one of our next articles. 

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