Dubai Design Week 2018

Dubai Design Week 2018: short description if the festival and dates of the event.

The 4th Dubai Design Week will take place from November 12 until November 17. It will be the 4th festival of creativity that includes more than 200 events in the world of unique architecture, incredible design, fashion trends, and graphic design.

Dubai Design Week

The key event of the Dubai Design Week is Downtown Design exhibition that represents authentic projects from the designers as from the Gulf, as well as from the entire world. Furthermore, one can participate in the exhibition of unique projects of the students of Global Grad Show. If you have some time, you need to visit the interactive project called Abwab that will give you a lot of new information about the original design.

Dubai Design Week attracts a lot of creative people and the fans of the unique interiors. The festival will be carried out for the 4th time and will become one of the brightest events of the autumn.

Dubai Design Week will be carried out in several locations all around the city, including galleries, exhibition halls, and shopping malls. The key location is the Dubai Design District. There’s no admission fee, and one can find a detailed information on the website of the festival.

Dubai Design Week

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