Is it safe to rent an apartment for a holiday?

01 January 1970
It may seem that the direct rental of an apartment is not as safe as staying at the hotel. Let’s find out if it’s true, and discover all the risks for the tourists.

The safety of the users is the key priority of all the accommodation booking services. Obviously, if renting an apartment at a website is not safe, nobody is going to use it. And in case if the website is used by thousands of people, it serves as a guarantee of the reliability of the service. Rare cases of fraud and problems also confirm this key principle.

Is it safe to stay in a rented apartment? 

It is as safe as staying at your own apartment or the hotel. You will stay in the apartment with doors and locks. Furthermore, the majority of owners install security systems connected to the local police department. In case if someone tries to enter the apartment, the group of officers will come in 3-4 minutes in order to arrest the criminal and bring him to the police.

Can someone else enter the apartment?

It depends on the chosen website. For example, the majority of accommodation offered on Airbnb is rented within the apartment of the owner. You will have your own room with a lock but without a key. The trust is the foundation for your safety here.


In this case, the level of safety is even higher because the owner will stay in the apartment, and nobody can steal your things while you are enjoying the city.


TripAways offers only websites without the owner. Such apartments can be entered by the tourists, cleaners (according to the schedule) and representatives of the security service (on in case of alarm triggering or the direct request of the tenants). In fact, the apartment is serviced as a hotel room. In case if you don’t want anyone to enter the apartment during your stay, the cleaning lady won’t enter it until the day of departure.

is it safe to rent an apartment

Can the apartment get robbed?

No, all the apartments are equipped with the alarm systems and located in the secure hotel complexes.

The security issue is the most popular and important problem among the tourists, who prefer to book an apartment instead of staying in a hotel. Let’s find most popular ways to address this issue offered by the majority of accommodation booking websites.

Can the owner disappear with my money? What to do if the apartment is closed on the day of arrival? 

This is theoretically possible in case if you book an apartment using a bulletin board or a forum, which has no responsibility for the safety of the customers. Popular websites offer the highest level of safety, so the described situation is virtually impossible.


For example, in the case with Airbnb, both the apartment and the owner are checked by special agents. In case of any problems the account can be blocked, and the owner will lose the opportunity to get additional income. 


In the case with #TripAways, all the apartments are managed by the company. Such model allows elimination all the problems because the system has a common calendar, and the apartment can’t be booked by two people for the same period. Furthermore, you won’t communicate with the owner because all the steps are performed by our managers. In other words, our system allows eliminating any problems and negative issues.

How safe is it to book accommodation on the website?

It’s more than safe in the case with the big websites because all the payment credentials are processed by a payment gateway provided by one of the reliable banks. In fact, the website has no access to the payment information, and all the payments are processed by the bank. That’s why booking online is as safe as using the bank that provides the platform for a specific website.

What will you do in case of a problem?

All the guests and users of our websites are insured. In case of a robbery or theft, the customer will get compensation. Furthermore, we implement numerous solutions in order to prevent fraud and problems. In case if something happens, the administration of the complex will perform all required operation, calling the police and the security service. 

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