Poshtova Square in Kyiv will host the national museum

01 January 1970
The museum of the medieval city will be created on the place of the ruins found on Poshtova Square in Kyiv during the construction of a shopping mall.

The ruins of a medieval city in Poshtova Square in Kiev will be transformed into the national museum. The decision was recently made by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Medieval City Museum

It’s worth noting that construction of a shopping mall started on Poshtova Square already in 2005. The investment was made by Hansford Ukraine related to Andrey Kravets (who was so-called ‘treasurer’ of president Yanukovich). During the preliminary works, the workers found the ruins of a medieval district with a part of a street, a mansion, a cemetery and several basements. Despite a huge number of requests to keep the object of history and heritage, the company continued works, which caused a serious reaction from the society.

The future of the archeological site on Poshtova Square in Kyiv become clearer - Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ordered to create the Medieval City Museum.

Numerous discussions lead to the final decision of the parliament. Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided to create the national heritage location that will be transformed into the Medieval City Museum later. All works are suspended and prohibited in the area.

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