Thalassa Municipal Sea Museum in Ayia Napa on Cyprus

Thalassa Municipal Sea Museum in Ayia Napa on Cyprus: key facts, offered expositions, exact location, working hours and admission fees.

The small town of Ayia Napa is located just 8 kilometers from Protaras offers a unique museum with a rich collection of the sea creatures from the Mediterranean and ancient findings. Thalassa Municipal Sea Museum offers three levels of joy and a cinema, where one can watch scientific and popular movies.

Thalassa Municipal Sea Museum

The museum was officially opened in 1984, after the discovery of a sunken ship that became one of the key exhibits of the museum. The museum was initially called the Museum of sea creatures, but later the name was changed to the Municipal Museum of Sea Creatures. Starting from 2006, the museum has its current name.

Thalassa Municipal Sea Museum with the transparent floor, sunken ships, and incredible paleontological exhibits it’s the real gem of Ayia Napa.

Thalassa Municipal Sea Museum not only allows evaluating the beauty of the underwater world and unique sea creatures, but also shows that we need to protect the ocean, and do everything to keep its current state.

Museum Expositions

Even the name of the museum is a real masterpiece that combines metal, glass, marble, and onyx. The museum has 6 different levels, where the exhibits are offered in special glass chambers under the floor and on transparent ropes under the ceiling.

Thalassa Municipal Sea Museum

While going to the lowest level, one can immerse into the incredible atmosphere of the ancient world, looking at the fossilized skeletons of the mammals, including elephants and hippos. Furthermore, one can enjoy a vast collection of minerals.


The first level of the building offers a vast collection of paleontological exhibits, including the fossilized skeletons of fish and various sea creatures, including corals and shells. There’s a separate hall for the temporary exhibits, as well as a spacious café. The hall of the museum looks like a sunken ship.


Other levels of the museum show different aspects of the life of a sailor. You can find numerous figurines, ceramic objects, masks and even the ancient papyrus called “papirella” (more than 9000 B.C.).

Thalassa Municipal Sea Museum

Thalassa Municipal Sea Museum has its own souvenir shop, where one can buy a shell, a fish or even a small figurine to remember this astonishing place forever.

Address, working hours and admission fees

Exact location: Krio Nero Avenue 14, Ayia Napa 5345, Cyprus.

Working hours: Tuesday – Saturday: from 9:00 until 17:00. On Monday the museum is open from 9:00 until 13:00, while on Sunday: from 15:00 until 19:00 (from June until October).


Admission fee: adults – 5 Euros, pupils and students – 2.5 Euros, and kids – 1.5 Euros. The price of a group tour can be found on the official website.

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