How much money do you need for a holiday in Dubai?

What’s the price of unforgettable holiday in Dubai? How to calculate your expenses, including all main spending: accommodation, food and entertainment...

Let’s find the answer for the main question of all people who plan to visit Dubai for the first time: “What is the price of a seven-day holiday in Dubai for a couple?” This question is very controversial, because different couples have different requirements, tastes and habits. We will try to imagine an average couple and get an adequate result, which can be easily adjusted to your personal needs.

Rough estimate for a holiday in Dubai

holiday in Dubai

1.Price of the tour

A seven-day tour for a couple is worth $900-950. This price includes plane tickets, insurance and a stylish and fully equipped one-bedroom apartment.

Holiday in Dubai: what is the average price for a week in Dubai for a couple? Calculating estimated expenses, including accommodation, food, transportation, entertainment and souvenirs.

2.Meals and food

If you plan to eat in cafes and restaurants, you have to keep the following prices in mind:

A lunch or a dinner in a decent place with Lebanese cuisine with a hot meal, a salad, hot griddle-cakes and fresh juice is worth $15-18
You can choose buffet dinner, paying $13 for both tourists and additional $3 for a dessert
Real fans of fish and marine food shall choose seafood restaurants: a grill-mix meal is worth $10, while fruit cocktails are worth $1.3 each
Keeping all this in mind we can get an average value of $280.

Meals and food in Dubai


Taxi is the most convenient way of transportation. Municipal taxi price consists of $1 for the order and $0.3 per kilometer. Private taxis are more expensive, but you can always bargain prices with the driver. Any ride inside the city is worth $2-3, while a trip to another city is worth $15-35.

As a result, we get $30 per day for taxi or $150 for car rental.


This pat includes various tours, entertainment centers and beaches. Let’s include the main attractions in our list:

desert safari — $90-110 for two people
boating - $20-26 per hour
entrance tickets to Wild Wadi water park — $52-64 per day
diving — $120-140 for two people
In total: $340 as maximum.

Entertainment in Dubai


Holiday in Dubai is not a holiday without shopping. Real shopping experts offer to buy the following: fur, jewelry and electronic gadgets. All mentioned things are more affordable and of the highest quality. We recommend you going directly to Nasser Square and Gold Market.

Shopping in Dubai

Our goal is to have a holiday in Dubai and not to buy all products in local shops. Thus, we can spend $300 for shopping.

GRAND TOTAL: as a result we get $1000 per person or $2000 from the family budget!

Property in this region

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