La Colombe d’Or menu

Main features of La Colombe d’Or menu in Saint-Paul-de-Vence in Cote d'-Azur. Why is this restaurant so famous, and how can one get here?

The artistic restaurant La Colombe d'Or was opened for guests in 1931 and offers a vast collection of the paintings by the most famous artists of the 20th century. The restaurant was founded by the local citizen called Paul Roux with his wife Titine. The couple created the original menu of La Colombe d'Or, which remains unchanged even today.

The artistic restaurant La Colombe d'Or

The artistic restaurant La Colombe d'Or

What are features of La Colombe d’Or menu?

These days the restaurant is managed by the third generation of Roux Family, while Herve Roy works as the chief cook for almost 20 years. The prestigious La Colombe d’Or menu was slightly changed during these years, so you are able to taste the very same dishes, as such famous people as Matisse, Van Gogh or incredibly beautiful Brigitte Bardot.


The key elements of the menu are traditional dishes of Provence, and one won’t be able to find incredible food with unknown or exquisite names. Nevertheless, the chef is the real master: he creates an additional menu every single day, in order to allow visitors to try something new every time they decide to visit this famous place.

Do you want to know everything about the most popular dishes of the art restaurant in Saint-Paul-de-Vence? We will tell you about La Colombe d’Or menu and exquisite dishes of the self-perpetuating chef.

The best dish of the local menu recommended for those visiting La Colombe d'Or for the first time is the plate with appetizers, which includes a basket of fresh vegetables, 14 types of appetizers and majestic sauce made from artichoke. Appetizers are offered with exquisite rose wine ‘Domaine de Toasc Rosé AOP Bellet’. However, guests are able to choose any other wine from the rich wine card.

La Colombe d’Or menu

La Colombe d’Or menu

Herve Roy changes key ingredients of the dishes depending on the season. If you decide to visit La Colombe d'Or, you will be able to taste the famous all-i-oli sauce, grilled pepper, and stuffed vegetables. Furthermore, you will have a chance to try unique salad from ruccola, fricassee from porcini mushrooms, snails in Provence sauce, rack of lamb, surmullet in cream sauce and a great salad made from melon and ham.

How to get to La Colombe d’Or?

In order to check the menu of La Colombe d'Or, taste incredible local cuisine and enjoy the paintings of the most famous artists, one needs to book a table in advance.

La Colombe d’Or menu in Saint-Paul-de-Vence i

La Colombe d’Or menu in Saint-Paul-de-Vence 

It’s recommended to book a table in not less than 10 days in advance. The venue is really popular, and you may not be able to visit La Colombe d'Or during your trip to Saint-Paul-de-Vence. One can book a table by phone: + 33 4 93 32 80 02, or at their website.


The restaurant is open daily, except the period from the beginning of November till the Catholic Christmas. The average meal price is around 60-90 Euros.

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