Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum offers 10 unique exhibitions. Each of them uses innovations and modern technologies to transform the tour into a unique journey.

Melbourne Museum has nothing in common with all other museums in the world. Local people consider Melbourne Museum one of the most important assets of the city. It has so many objects and exhibits that you won’t be able to check all of them in one visit. There are 7 main halls, and 3 additional rooms with temporary exhibitions. It also offers several theaters and IMAX cinema. Melbourne Museum looks like something “live”. It has a lot of interactive objects and exhibits located in the most unpredicted places and locations. All of them are living their life paying no attention to the guests of the museum. 


While visiting Melbourne Museum, you don’t have to walk among the shelves, trying to find something interesting. After entering the museum, you will participate in the interactive journey, discovering something really amazing. All the halls are equipped with giant screens, which show short videos with interesting facts about the expositions. By the way, Melbourne Museum is the only one museum in the world, where you can meet real animals from the local nature.

Melbourne Museum

From dinosaurs and stars to the secrets of the human mind

While looking at the name of Melbourne Museum, one may think that the museum is all about the city history. It’s not the case. No doubt, one can find some information about the history of the region, but Melbourne Museum has a lot of other things to offer.

During the trip to Melbourne, tourists rarely visit the Museum of Melbourne, while local people consider it one of the most important assets of the city. In 2000 it was moved to a new location after the thorough renovation. These days, the museum offers the most advanced technologies, making a tour around 10 unique halls an interactive journey. 

In 2000, the Melbourne Museum was moved to a different building in order to unite expositions from several museums. There’s a hall with several dinosaurs, their skeletons, and interactive copies. They can move, breathe and make sounds. The exhibits are not just placed on the shelves but show various scenes from the life of the animals. For example, while walking on the stairs, one can meet an extinct crocodile that tries to catch its prey. 

Melbourne Museum

There are many interactive displays in the hall, and one can watch short videos, play amusing games, and try to answer the questions about the dinosaurs. Keeping in mind that this hall is located at the beginning of the route, many people spend a lot of time here, without knowing about other miracles of this place. 


After visiting the dinosaurs, one can discover the history of the Earth formation and creation, and get information about other planets. One of the exhibitions tells about the space and attempts to conquer it by the human. This hall will make you believe that space traveling is not a dream, but the nearest future. The next hall allows seeing the key secrets of the body and mind. Here you will witness incredible facts about the human brain and its potential. 

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Other halls are more traditional. You can visit a hall with the vast collection of insects of Australia. There are exhibitions of birds and animals, including extinct ones. There are real full-size copies of them. Fishes and sea creatures are also presented in Melbourne Museum. 


In order to make the Melbourne Museum for children, the administration decided to create a special tour for kids. They can touch and feel everything, trying to use all the devices. The tours are carried out by the volunteers and the workers of the museum, who want to open the world of science for kids. Even though such tours are made for children of 3-8 years old, many adults want to take part in them.

Melbourne Museum Kids Exhibition
Melbourne Museum Kids Exhibition

After walking around the halls, one can go outside and enter the Tropical Forest with rare species of plants and animals. Furthermore, there’s IMAX cinema and several cafes, where one can take some rest and relax after the tiring day. 

Address: 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Working hours: 10:00-17:00

Entrance fee: 6-10 Australian dollars 

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