Machu Picchu changed ticketing system

The local Ministry of Culture office, thus, made a decision to put a stop to the unfavorable consequences of overcrowding and introduced a new limitation.

Discovering the landmark

On a July drizzling morning, 1911, Hiram Bingham – an ambitious Yale University lecturer and explorer – arrived with a purpose to inquire into what he had heard about the Peruvian Inca ruins. Bingham accompanied by two escorts made his way through thick jungle, crept an overpass made of thin wood stocks fixed together with coiling stems and overcame a boscage with poisonous snakes.

It took the small group two hours of hiking to drop upon a shack covered with grass. The two local farmworkers led them a short way and then passed them to a little boy. Some time later, Bingham eventually bumped up against one of the most important discoveries of the previous century that achieved a place among the New 7 Wonders of the World. We now know it as Machu Picchu.Machu Picchu

Overcrowding issue

As well as the other popular monuments honored to be called a wonder, this landmark is fascinating just because it exists and is available for travelers to see. However, this accessibility leads to crowds of visitors. This problem can actually become deadly to many sights’ surrounding conditions. The Inca site is on this list too, with its paths walked by millions of tourists, eroding ruins and the whole place demonstrating tourism signature. The local Ministry of Culture office, thus, made a decision to put a stop to the unfavorable consequences of overcrowding and introduced a new limitation to visiting Machu Picchu. The tickets started having a strict timeframe.Machu Picchu

New entry policy

Since January 1st, 2019, a limited number of visitors may see the ancient site daily. In order to regulate this limitation, tickets are now sold beforehand, with every ticket having a precise admission time. Entering the citadel is possible from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Since the new visit rules were put into practice not long ago, we recommend all travelers who plan witnessing this UNESCO World Heritage Site in the near future buying their tickets well before the trip.

One more important thing to consider is that the time to explore this world’s wonder amounts for just one hour. You will have only 60 minutes to walk the ruins after the appointed entrance time. This means slopping around shouldn’t be on your plan, while a couple of other interesting locations should.

The described regulations may be not brand new to this landmark because the new system was already tried last year – though still providing visitors with more time for examining the place.Machu Picchu

Possible benefits

According to statistic reports, over 4 million of visitors attended Machu Picchu in 2018. Although it may seem that the newly introduced regulations bring in some inconvenience and stress, hopefully, it will help eliminate the problem of long queues gathering in front of the entrance. And of course timed tickets should make your visit much more comfortable thanks to less crowds inside the citadel. These benefits are worth some extra time spent on buying a ticket beforehand, and bearing in mind it can play a great role in saving one of the world’s most spectacular sights.

To find out more about the new booking system and purchase your tickets online, visit the official website.

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