Macao Bungee Jumping photos: thrill-seekers experience

06 August 2018
Bungee Jumping: the tallest location in the world, Macao Bungee Jumping photos, all the details and useful tips.

All the fans of extreme really want to visit Macao in order to jump from the local TV tower, which has the height of 338 meters. This location is considered the highest in the entire world, while the first jump of Alona Hackett was recorded as “the jumping from the tallest building in the world” in the Guinness Book of World Records. Macao Bungee Jumping photos are really unbelievable because not all of us are ready to make something brave like that!

Macao Bungee Jumping
Macao Bungee Jumping


How does it happen?

In order to book your jump, you need to visit the TV tower in Macao, fill a special form and pay the amount of 2600 Hong Kong dollars. In the majority of cases, you will be able to jump the next day. In order to do that, you have to reach the 161st level of the tower with a special platform for jumping.


The total height of the jump is 238 meters. You need to wear special gear and jump down, hanging on the flexible rope. When the jump is over you can take a more comfortable position and go down to the ground in sitting position.

Macao Bungee Jumping

The main secret of the comfortable flight is the proper positioning of the body. It’s prohibited to jump down like into the pool. You need to put your arms aside, and fall forward, hovering in parallel to the ground like a bird.


Macao Bungee Jumping photos clearly demonstrate the incredible height of the tower, but thanks to the speed of 120 kph the free flight takes just 6 seconds. Do you think it’s not enough? Try to close your eyes and count till six, while thinking that you are falling down from the skyscraper, hovering on a rope like a yo-yo…

Just looking at Macao Bungee Jumping photos will make you speechless, but some brave people are ready to go and jump! What is your opinion about such extreme way of relaxation?

Macao Bungee Jumping photos

How to reach Macau Tower?

If you want to test your skills, endurance, and courage, and you want to take some memorable Macao Bungee Jumping photos, you need to visit Hong Kong. After that, you can take a ferry to Macao. Later you need to catch a taxi to reach Macau Tower. You won’t need to explain the location because thousands of tourists come here every single day in order to have some fun and look at other brave people jumping down from the sky.


More detailed information about the booking process and additional services can be found on the tower website.

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