The best restaurants on the beach in Nice with the large lengths of seas views

TOP-5 of the best restaurants on the beach in Nice: full description, menus, atmosphere, sceneries and exclusive atmosphere of the venues located along the Promenade des Anglais.

The best restaurants on the beach in Nice are located along the Promenade des Anglais, and guests are offered not only with exquisite dishes of the local cuisine but with astonishing views of the Angels’ Bay and the sapphire waters of the Mediterranean Sea. While having a holiday in Nice, I managed to visit most of them, and today I want to offer you the list of the TOP-5 beach restaurants with magnificent views.

  1. Blue beach – this restaurant is located right on one of the most popular beaches with the same name. The menu mostly consists of the fish and meat. I liked red mullet grilled with cumin and a salad of tomatoes with Mozzarella cheese. One can book a table on the website, but there’s always plenty of free space. Numerous events and weddings are carried out on a permanent basis. They also offer a special menu for children and kids of less than eight years old.

Full address: 32, Promenade des Anglais, almost opposite the Negresco Hotel. Phone: +33 4 93 87 10 36.


  1. Le Miami Beach – this is a modern beach restaurant in Nice with really friendly workers, where one can enjoy the best dishes from local cuisine offered on the ultramodern plates. One can also enjoy amazing views of Angel Bay from here. There’s a special playground for kids, while adults can relax in the true Italian style, drinking fresh Spritz. After trying incredible snacks from seafood, it would be a crime not to stay here for dinner. Their main dish is grilled fish.

Full address: 197, Promenade des Anglais. Phone: +33 9 51 95 53 57.

Do you like to look at the sea and incredible sceneries while eating? Then you need to search for the best restaurants on the beach in Nice to know where to have some rest while traveling around the Cote d'-Azur.
  1. Hi Beach – this is a comfortable beach restaurant with soft sundecks, baggy chairs, and cozy cocktail tables. The menu contains the vast choice of daily dishes, i.e., soups, salads and various sorts of cheese. The simplicity of the restaurant contrasts with the luxurious venues of this elite area, and probably that’s why guests do prefer to spend their time here. It’s nice to see the size of the portions. Avoid ordering too much food, because you will be surprised with the generosity of the venue.

Full address: 47 Promenade des Anglais. Phone: +33 4 97 14 00 83.

The best restaurants on the beach in Nice

  1. Florida Beach – this is a bit antiquated, yet incredible unique beach restaurant, which is rarely full of people. This is a perfect place for those, looking for patience and calm atmosphere. The restaurant is located on Florida Beach and opens for guests only during the lunchtime. They offer traditional dishes of French cuisine. I fell in love with local coffee!

Full address: 71, Promenade des Anglais. Phone: +33 4 93 44 72 86.


  1. Ruhl Plage – this is a restaurant next to the Nice beach, which became favorite among celebrities already in 1920. It’s located right opposite Ruhl Casino and Le Meridien Hotel. It offers the best views of the Angels’ Bay. One can book a table on their website. This restaurant offers an amazing wine card and exquisite desserts. I want to assure you that you’ve never tried anything tastier than local orange sorbet with chocolate mousse!

Full address: 1, Promenade des Anglais. Phone: +33 4 93 87 09 70.

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