The best beach in Nice and near: which and where?

08 June 2018
The best beach in Nice: we offer you the following categories: quiet, popular and free, best paid, rocky for swimming, sandy in the outskirts.

In case if you plan to have a holiday in Cote d'-Azur, you need to know that the best beaches in Nice are only pebbled. In case if you prefer sand, you need to go to Monaco, Cannes or Antibes. However, several sandy beaches can also be found on the outskirts of Nice in cities of Villefranche-sur-Mer and Bèuluec de Mar. One can get there in 7-10 minutes by bus or by train.

the best beach in Nice

What is the location of the best beaches in the city?

Almost all the coastal line of Nice is a long and comfortable beach. Beaches take the majority of the free space and expand from the airport in the west of the city to the port in the eastern outskirts.

What is the best beach in Nice? Every tourist has their answer. And we are going to divide all the beaches by categories to find our personal best choice.

It’s pretty hard to find the best beach in Nice because every person has their requirements. Furthermore, free public beaches are located right next to the paid one, offering different levels of comfort. In case of free beaches, people need to bring their mats and use the basic infrastructure: changing rooms, shower, toilet (not everywhere). Paid beaches offer the highest level of comfort and services. Here you will find everything, from sundecks and parasols to towels, pools, restaurants, and bars.

The best beaches on the outskirts of Nice


To make it simpler, we will divide all the beaches into several categories:


  1. The quietest and deserted are the beaches near the airport in the west of the city:

  • Plage Publique de la Lanterne;
  • Plage de Carras;
  • Plage Sainte Helene.
  1. The most popular and free are the public beaches near the Promenade des Anglais:

  • Plage Poublique du Voilier;
  • Plage Publique du Beau Rivage;
  • Plage de Lenval.
  1. Well-equipped paid beaches are changed with free ones all along the Promenade des Anglais:

  • Castel Рlage;
  • Opera Рlage;
  • HI Beach;
  • Rhul Рlage;
  • Neptune Рlage.
  1. Picturesque rocky beaches, which are suitable for nudists and swimming in deep waters, are located in the eastern part of the city behind the port:

  • Bain Militaires;
  • La Reserve;
  • Coco Beach.

In case if you need sandy beaches, you need to move along the coastal line…


The best beaches on the outskirts of Nice

Cote d'-Azur offers a vast choice of amazing beaches located near Nice. If you go to the west, you will find a picturesque city of Cagnes-sur-Mer. In case if you move further, you will find a lot of small towns and villages leading you to Antibes and Cannes. All of them can offer beaches with small pebbles and yellow sand.

Promenade des Anglais in Nice
Promenade des Anglais in Nice

Many tourists want to know which of two cities the best one: Cannes or Nice. We have to say that beaches are amazing in both locations; however, Nice offers pebbled beaches, while Cannes is only sandy.


Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula is located to the west from Nice and offers the most picturesque beaches in French Riviera. If you go further, you will find such places as Èze, Monaco, Mentone. 

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