Lost Chambers opening hours: when is the aquarium ready to meet new guests?

This article is about the aquarium in Atlantis: you will discover the Lost Chambers opening hours, the price and the rules of the museum, as well as the main features of the entertainment program.

Lost Chambers opening hours in Atlantis hotel in Dubai

The underworld museum Lost Chambers is located in Avenues shopping mall right in the famous Dubai hotel Atlantis. The hotel can be found on Palm Jumeirah. Lost Chambers opening hours are from 10 am to 10 pm on the daily basis. The schedule may slightly change throughout the year. One can check the opening hours on the official website of the Atlantis hotel at – www.atlantisthepalm.com.

lost chambers opening hours
Lost Chambers Atlantis

What’s included in the program?

The main exhibits of the museum will tell guests about the mysteries of the ancient Atlantis. The park is perfectly decorated and designed and serves as home for more than 65,000 of sea creatures.

If you plan to visit Dubai with your kids, don’t think twice and plan a visit to Lost Chambers in your schedule. You can visit the aquarium and Aquaventure water park at once because they are located close to each other. Convenient Lost Chambers opening hours allow guests enjoying the place from the early morning till the late night, making your schedule incredibly flexible, and allowing you to see all the attractions of this astonishing place.

The brightest attraction of Palm Jumeirah, an aquarium in the Atlantis hotel is always ready to meet new guests. Lost Chambers opening hours, prices and rules can be found in this article…

After buying a ticket to the underworld museum you will have access to more than 20 miraculous exhibits of the sea life, including a pool where one can touch sea creatures and a picturesque Ambassador lagoon.


The price of the ticket to the Lost Chambers Aquarium for adults and kids of 12 years and older is 100 AED. The ticket for kids between 3 and 11 years is worth 70 AED, while babies of up to 2 years can enter absolutely for free. It’s worth noting that kids of 12 years and younger shall be accompanied by an adult (18+), and one adult may accompany up to 3 kids at once.

Lost Chambers Aquarium
Lost Chambers in Atlantis hotel in Dubai

One can check the museum on their own, or order “In the fish world” excursion that takes 1 full hour. The tour is carried out in English and includes all the exhibits of Lost Chambers, including the fish hospital and Ambassador Lagoon. One can also purchase various entertainment shows for an additional fee: “Behind the curtain”, “Feeding the guitarfish”, “Snorkeling” etc. You can find more details and age limitations right in the park.

One can use free Wi-Fi access as an additional bonus. Free internet works all around the park.


Lost Chambers Aquarium is one of the places in Dubai, which you have to visit at any cost. Here you can watch giant guitarfish “flying” all around while sitting on soft pillows. You can enjoy numerous exotic fishes “hovering” above corrals, meet the white alligator and look into the eyes of giant sharks.

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