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The City of Angels: bright Los Angeles photos, areas, attractions, atmosphere, routes, places of tourists interest and tips for travelers.
Malibu Beaches
Malibu Beaches

Los Angeles is a sunny city that attracts people from all the America and the entire world in order to fulfill their dreams. Los Angeles photos will always include one photo with the famous giant letters “Hollywood”. This place offers amazing beaches and crazy energy.

Downtown Los Angeles
Downtown Los Angeles


Only in Los Angeles the first question is not “What is your name?”, but “Where are you from?” The majority of people here are from different cities and countries. They want to conquer this city, reaching the world of fame and popularity.

Areas and attractions 

The city is located in the southern part of California. It borders with the Pacific Ocean in the west and deserted valleys with mountains from other sides. About 4 million people are constantly living here, but the total number is much bigger because of foreigners.


Los Angeles is a metropolis that consists of numerous areas, which were separate cities before. There are 85 areas in total. Here’s the list of the most important districts:


  • Downtown with its majestic skyscrapers, fashionable hotels, business centers and hypermarkets
  • Santa Monica – a beach area with a lot of entertainment venues. Here you can find the biggest amusement park, the Heritage, and Art Museum
  • Beverly Hills – an expensive area with the luxurious mansions of the celebrities from Hollywood. Here you can take a lot of amazing Los Angeles photos, walk along the boutique shops, and visit the Museum of Radio and TV
  • Malibu – a piece of desert with spacious beaches and expensive villas. The real fans of water sports come here.
Los Angeles photos

Los Angeles 


You can feel the unique atmosphere in national areas of the city: Mexican Olvera Street, Eastern China Town, Little Armenia and Italian District…

Picturesque Los Angeles photos cause an unbearable desire to visit this sunny and welcoming city! We offer you to enjoy amazing photos from the City of Angels…

What is the most important for the tourist?

If you have just a couple of days for the holiday, start your Los Angeles trip from walking along the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, searching for the star of your favorite actor. Try to check legendary Universal Studio in order to witness realistic decorations and thematic TV shows.


Take some time to visit beaches in Santa Monica. This is the best place to try yourself as a surfer, even if you have no experience.

Santa Monica
Santa Monica


Visit the Wax Museum of Madame Tussaud and take Los Angeles photos with the exact copies of Johnny Depp or Jennifer Lopez.


Check dinosaur skeletons in the Natural History Museum. You need at least one day in order to check all 3 levels of incredible exhibits.


And finally, don’t forget to try the local hotdog with chili and a real American hamburger, which is really different from its European version.


Before leaving, try to make Los Angeles photos from the hills, taking one photo in the front of Hollywood caption.


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