What is the location of Dubai Miracle Garden on the Dubai map?

06 September 2017
Location of Dubai Miracle Garden is on the line of Palm Jumeirah trunk on the map and the garden is “squezzed” between Al Barsha and Motor City districts.
Miracle Garden is located in the southern part of Dubai on the territory of Dubailand complex on the district of Al Barsha South. It border residential area of Al Barsha in the north, while Motor City and Arabian Ranches are located across the road in the south. You can check the map below in order to find the location of Dubai Miracle Garden on the city map: Location of Dubai Miracle Garden is in several miles from see shore. You can use the following coordinates to find the garden on Google Maps: 25°03'35.6"N, 55°14'40.2"E. Absolute coordinates: 25.059883, 55.244504. Here’s the address of the Miracle Garden for those who want to reach the garden on their own: Al Barsha South 3, Barsha, Dubailand Area. Sheikh Mohhamed Bin Zayed Road is located right along the park, so one can come here virtually any time without getting into the traffic jams. Usually, only people who use their own or a rented car require the exact address of the Miracle Garden. If you plan to use taxi from your home or a metro station to reach the garden, you can just tell the driver that you need to get to Miracle Garden. The driver will take you there, because all of them know the location of Dubai Miracle Garden. If you plan to use public transportation to get to the Miracle Garden, you won’t need to use the address too. Just take bus №105 near the Mall of Emirates and exit on the last stop, which is the Miracle Garden. The total trip from the Mall of Emirates to Miracle Garden takes around 15 minutes by bus and 5-7 minutes by taxi. The average price for the taxi ride is around 30 AED.

How to use location of Dubai Miracle Garden so that to plan a trip?

The owners of the park provide visitors with a unique opportunity to create a route to the park from your current location by using Google Maps. In order to do that you need to enter the official website of the garden: http://www.dubaimiraclegarden.com, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘How to reach us’ icon. The service will identify your current location, create an optimal route and show it on the map together with the total travel time to reach the garden. When planning a trip to the Miracle Garden, don’t forget that the famous Global Village, where you can find a lot of cafes, shops, restaurants and entertainment centers, including those for kids, is located right next to it. It’s really convenient to visit both places in one trip, i.e. walking around the garden in the first half of the day, moving to the Global Village later in order to relax, eat and entertain yourself.

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