Dubai Summer Surprises Festival

The festival of fantastic discounts, bright shows, interesting performances and concerts of the national artists, as well as games, competitions, and events for kids, called Dubai Summer Surprises will take place in the period from June 22 till August 4.

The annual #festival of shopping and entertainment Dubai Summer Surprises is usually carried out during the summer months. In 2018, it will take place in the period from June 22 till August 4. During the festival numerous shops, restaurants, and venues will offer discounts and special prices for the customers, trying to attract the majority of them with favorable conditions. At the very same time, the most luxurious hotels and the resort also offer incredible discounts because the summertime is considered the low season, so the hotel owners have to fight for the guests.

Dubai Summer Surprises Festival

At the very same time, a huge number of shows, concerts and circus performances are carried out all around the city. Entertainment venues and shopping malls prepare various lotteries and draws, while children are able to participate in various celebrations and group games.

Dubai Summer Surprises

This year Dubai Summer Surprises will be carried out for the 20th time in a row since the year of 1998. At that time the government decided to support the event because it was a chance to make Dubai not only a resort, but a city that is comfortable for tourists with families throughout the year. They managed to reach the goal, and the current unofficial motto of the event sounds like ‘something for everyone’. One can find interesting events for children, adults, tourists, citizens, shopping lovers and the fans of the parties and concerts.

In the period from June 22 till August 4 guests and citizens of Dubai are able to participate in Dubai Summer Surprises in order to get incredible discounts and super offers in shops, hotels, and parks. Furthermore, they are able to visit various shows and events, as well as special entertainment events from galleries and shops.

According to the statistics, the main attention during Dubai Summer Surprises is taken by the draws and lotteries from various retailers and boutique shops. No surprise that the majority of shopaholics are wandering between the shops, trying to find the most favorable conditions… and they are able to find them!

Dubai Summer Surprises 2018 Manolo Blahnikj

During Dubai Summer Surprises many shopping malls and trading centers offer various events for children of all ages: shows in costumes, discounted tours around thematic parks, as well as various games and competitions. 


Some venues send a lot of information in advance in order to attract their customers, while other shops wait until the first day of the event in order to make a surprise. No doubt that a holiday in Dubai during Dubai Summer Surprises will be interesting because you can find something interesting in any area of the city. 

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