Las Salinas in Ibiza – 3 kilometers of white sands and great parties

The best beach in Ibiza: Las Salinas beach photos, visitors’ reviews, infrastructure, entertainment, local attractions, the best time to visit.

Las Salinas is the popular fashionable beach in the south of Ibiza. People come here to enjoy the sun, show their slim bodies off and have unlimited fun. Las Salinas beach photos clearly confirm that the local people are really different and diverse: sexy models, muscle guys, party lovers, hippies and gilded youth. 

Summer in Las Salinas is the endless party. Kings and queens of the party are having fun, relaxing and dancing all day long. The holiday here will stay in your memory for many years. If you love some action, go and pack your luggage right away!

Las Salinas

Las Salinas

What is offered for guests of Las Salinas?

Las Salinas has its name from the salty lakes located on the island. The sea water is incredibly salty here, and even sand is full of healthy salt. The coastline is secluded from the island with pine trees, which make the local air incredibly fresh and clean.


During the windy weather, one can enjoy surfing on high waves; that’s why Las Salinas beach photos are always having a couple of cure surfers on them.

Las Salinas beach

Las Salinas beach


Guests of the beach can use sundecks and parasols. One can find massages studios, boutiques, shops, cafes, and restaurants right in the coast. You can put all the belonging into special safety box. During the peak season, the beach has a lifeguard and security.

Do you want to feel some drive, dance and have a memorable holiday? You need to go to Ibiza for sure. We will show you Las Salinas beach photos in order to convince you that it’s the best place for having fun.

If you want to make your holiday really memorable, you can practice some diving. Ibiza is the home for one of the most popular diving schools. You can also rent a boat or a catamaran.

Las Salinas beach

During the peak season, Las Salinas is not just a beach, but a catwalk. Here you can witness ladies in extravagant dresses or almost invisible bikinis, while some of them are swimming naked.


Nice music comes out from numerous cafes, while waiters will be happy to bring you some refreshing cocktails. Las Salinas beach photos are not able to show all the luxury of this bohemian place.


It’s worth noting that prices are pretty high here, but you can meet a lot of celebrities here. By the way, another side of the bay offers significantly lower prices, which is the best choice for families with kids.


What is the best time to come to Las Salinas?

Everything depends on your goal. If you want to party and make some friends, the best time for you, is the summer, especially in August.

Las Salinas in Ibiza

Las Salinas Ibiza


If you want to improve your health without the noise of the crowd, you have to go to Ibiza in April-May or October. Anyway, you can come here anytime in order to get great emotions and bright Las Salinas beach photos.

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