Larnaca: Description of the City and Attractions

27 March 2019
Larnaca City, Cyprus: geographical location, photos, history, and sights.

Larnaca is the 3rd largest city of Cyprus. In terms of the population, it’s smaller only compared to Nicosia and Limassol. Located on the southeastern coast of the island, it’s a home for more than 50 thousand islanders.


Larnaca is the oldest city in Cyprus, as evidenced by archaeological excavations making it possible to discover artifacts that are more than 6 thousand years old. According to a legend, the city was founded by Lazarus, who was a direct Noah’s descendant. Nowadays, a temple rises at the place of his burial.

Larnaca is a beautiful resort in the south-east of Cyprus. Old Christian churches coexist with Turkish mosques; and flamingos migrate for wintering here.

The city looks similar to other resorts of the island: the ancient city center is surrounded by coastal hotels and restaurants. This cozy resort is great for families with children: the sea is shallow; the beaches and sea bottom are sandy. Pricing is quite inexpensive here, so you can often meet tourists of retirement age.


Larnaca used to have a large trading port; today, private yachts mostly moor here. Nevertheless, a large international airport is built at the resort, where the majority of foreign tourists stay.


Attractions of the City

A favorite place of city residents and tourists is Finikoudes Embankment ― a promenade surrounded by tropical trees. Here you can simply enjoy walking and admiring the seascapes. The Embankment is also perfect for rollerblading or cycling, and arranging picnics.


On the waterfront there are many cafes, bars, taverns, and restaurants; music is heard in the area; various celebrations are held here often. The most popular place is Monte Carlo tavern treating its guests with seafood.


Larnaca is famous for picturesque ruins of the ancient city and for ancient Christian churches, many of which are repositories of unique relics. Dated of the 4th century, there is an icon of the Mother of God, in the church of Panagia Angeloktisti.

Larnaca Is a Cozy Resort City of Cyprus


You should definitely visit Al Kebir Turkish mosque, as stunning views can be seen from its minaret. This is the legacy of those times when the city was under Turkish rule. There’s another amazing place near Larnaca, called Stavrovouni Monastery: you won’t be allowed to come in, but will be able to enjoy admiring the monastery views and wandering around.


The main natural attraction of Larnaca is the salt lake, where pink flamingos winter. From autumn to spring, birds can be observed from a specially equipped viewing platform.


Larnaca is a sunny resort offering nearly no gloomy days. Even in winter, sea water temperature doesn’t drop below +16 ° C ― and this is its main charm!

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