Great landlord-tenant relationship: what’s the secret of success?

Great landlord-tenant relationship: useful tips for both parties that will help establishing friendly relations and long-term cooperation without misunderstanding and conflicts

How can one build great landlord-tenant relationship in Dubai?

If you are renting out an apartment in Dubai or want to rent one, no doubt you want to achieve the highest level of landlord-tenant relationship. We offer you information about the most important moments, which will help you to build friendly ties, resulting in long-term and fruitful cooperation without arguments and disappointment.

Landlord-tenant relationship: tips for receiving party

If you want to rent out an apartment, please remember the following vital rules:

  • Be clear in all aspects. Inform your tenant about the most convenient way of communication: direct one or through an agent.
  • Keep contact with your tenant. Your tenant must have your contact information or credentials of your managers in order to solve various problems in a timely manner.
  • Inform your tenant about all the details. Be friendly and help your tenant to get used to his or her new accommodation. Tell everything about the heating system, specific peculiarities of house appliances, best places to visit and the nearest shops. Don’t limit yourself.
  • Be time-sensitive. Fast reaction and empathy are really important in case of leakages and emergency repairs. Show the tenant that you care about both your apartment and the comfort of the tenant.
  • Never invade tenant’s privacy. Try to avoid frequent visits and various workers and builders in the apartment. Talk about the visiting and maintenance schedule in advance to make your tenant feeling more comfortable.
  • Split the difference. If you managed to find nice tenants, try to be accommodating. Such approach will make your landlord-tenant relationship warm and your rental agreement will be extended again and again.

landlord-tenant relationship

Landlord-tenant relationship: useful tips for tenants

If you rent an apartment right now or just plan to rent one, please follow these tips:

  • Identify your demands and standards. Check all important moments when searching for an apartment. If you start to demand something after signing the agreement, it will look at least shabby.
  • Write everything down in the agreement. If the landlord is your best friend, you must prepare a rental agreement and register it in accordance with the law. Don’t forget to confirm all changes (painting, reconstruction and so on) will documents.
  • Discuss all the details. Walk around the apartment and check all the systems and equipment. Inform the landlord in case of any failures. Write the alarm system code and all other passwords in order to respect the privacy of your landlord in future.
  • Ask about the contact person. Ask the landlord if he or she wants to communicate directly or through an agent. Find information about the contact person for emergency situations. Save contacts of tech staff.
  • Pay in time. If you want to save great relationship with your landlord, make rental and communal payments in a timely manner.
  • Try to ignore or repair small problems on your own. If a door handle is not working properly or a lamp is not working, fix them on your own. You shall address your landlord only in case of serious problems of failures.

These are the main principles of proper landlord-tenant relationship. If you think that you can add something important, please write your ideas down in comments.

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