Culinary Boutique in Dubai – a restaurant and a culinary school

European, Asian and traditional Arabic dishes
Hessa Al Qassim
Culinary Boutique is a cozy restaurant and a culinary school. One can work for hand in hand with the chef in order to learn how to cook 100 dishes and discover all the secrets of the exquisite food.

Culinary Boutique in Dubai – cozy café and culinary school under the single roof

In 2017 Culinary Boutique became incredibly popular on Instagram – coffee with lavender became the most popular drink in Dubai. However, this drink is not the key feature of the venue. Culinary Boutique combines a comfortable restaurant and a culinary school. The general hall located on the first floor has an incredibly stylish interior, which could overbid even the most fashionable furniture studios in the city. The upper level is divided into two culinary zones, where experienced chefs hold more than 100 master classes for both kids and adults. 

Culinary Boutique

Culinary Boutique is located in a small two-storey building in Scandinavian style right in the center of Jumeirah. During its relatively short history, it managed to become one of the best places for romantic meetings, business talks, and family dinners. It’s relatively empty during the working week, so it’s the best time to visit this place. There are two general halls in the building – one on the first floor, and another on the second floor with the open terrace. There are two secluded balconies with amazing views of Burj Khalifa for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere of privacy. 

Culinary Boutique

A place for real gourmets

There are many dishes for the most demanding customers in the menu. The menu contains European, Asian and traditional Arabic dishes. During the breakfast, one can offer French toasts, Benedict eggs with salad from fresh vegetables, Spanish omelet with potatoes, cheese and mushrooms, falafel, tropical fruit salad, smoothies and other incredible dishes. During the dinner and supper, one can choose British cream soup with truffles, pasta with seafood or lobster with saffron, as well as grilled dishes and salads. 

Culinary Boutique in Dubai

Coffee takes a special place in this venue. One can try traditional Turkish coffee, as well as a latte with coconut syrup or cappuccino with lavender flowers and rose petals decorated with incredible patterns. Tender chocolate desserts will be the perfect addition to coffee. 

 Culinary Boutique in Dubai

Culinary master classes

CEO of Culinary Boutique, Hessa Al Qassim, was the head of Top Chef culinary school in Dubai. No surprise that Culinary Boutique pays a lot of attention to the master classes. Experienced chefs created entertaining programs for both kids and adults. The guests are offered more than 100 different master classes for various people. Such classes take from 30 minutes to 3 hours and are worth from 295 to 495 AED.

 Culinary Boutique in Dubai

The simplest dishes can be made in just a half of an hour. For example, the chef will share a secret technique of Benedict eggs cooking, adding them with a chicken toast with avocado and a milkshake. The youngest culinary experts will learn how to make the simplest dishes from potatoes, fish or chicken, as well as light desserts and appetizers. 

The Culinary Boutique is open right in the heart of Jumeirah district. This is an exquisite restaurant with a stylish design and a culinary school at the same time. One can spend some memorable time here, hiding from the city noise, and enjoying the delicacies, or cook the tastiest dinner on your own under the strict control of the chef. 

The real fans of barbecue and steaks will enjoy the master class about the dishes from meat. The chefs will show how to cook flank, striploin, rib-eye and other steaks. While the meat is on the grill, the chef will show you how to cook tender sauce from eggs and oil, as well as light appetizers.

Culinary Boutique in Dubai

There are special master classes about the seafood, main courses, and salads. The real fans of the desserts will also have a lot of things to do. Here one can learn how to cook traditional oriental desserts, tiramisu, French croissants and other desserts.

Culinary Boutique in Dubai

Those, who want to discover the culinary secrets of other countries, will have a lot of things to do. The program offers numerous master classes about Italy, France, Mexico, as well as Arabic and other countries. 

 Culinary Boutique in Dubai

One can take a class as on their own, as well as with their family. You can also send your kids here while taking some rest with amazing dishes and unforgettable coffee.

Address: Jumeirah Beach Road, Villa 56, Culinary Boutique

Working hours: from Sunday till Wednesday: 8:00 – 23:00; from Thursday till Saturday: 8:00 – 24:00

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