Imelda May performs in Dubai Opera

On November 2, the guests of Dubai Opera will be able to listen to the incredible vocals of the famous Irish rockabilly and blues singer, Imelda May.

On the second day of November, one of the most famous and successful Irish singers in the world, Imelda May, will make a performance in Dubai Opera. Her career is an incredible twist of the fortune, musical achievements of various celebrities from all over the world, and personal issues and problems.

Imelda May

When she was just 14, Imelda May decided to sing, but she managed to make a couple of concerts in the clubs of Dublin only when she was 16. She managed to become the lead voice of Blue Harlem, and Jools Holland found her talent, appreciating her rough yet powerful voice. After adjusting her tone quality, Imelda managed to make her voice a real gem of her personality, and her ability to change herself and solve virtually any problems allowed her to participate in the shows with Jools Holland at the beginning of her career. Later she sang with such celebrities, as Lou Reed, Bono and Smokey Robinson. 

Imelda May will perform her best hits during the concert on November 2, 2018.

At the very same time, she managed to create her own group. Guitarist Darrel Hayam even became her husband. After giving the birth to her daughter, they decided to divorce. Darrel started to create solo songs, while Imelda continued her triumphal walk to the top of the world, publishing new hits and albums, and conquering the top charts all over the world. 

Imelda May sings in rockabilly, jazz and blues styles. She’s famous for her low and rough voice that creates an incredible image in conjunction with her attractive appearance.

Imelda May

On November 2, Imelda May and her group will perform on the stage of Opera Dubai, offering the most famous songs from her albums: Johnny Got a Boom Boom, Tainted Love, It’s Good to Be Alive, as well as the hits from the most popular album called Life Love Flesh Blood.

Venue: Dubai Opera

Ticket price: from 120 AED

Date and time: November 2, 2018, 20:00

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