Performance of Jesus Carmona in Dubai Opera

On September 19, the Dubai Opera will host a flamenco evening, offering the guests Impetus show staged by the most popular and prestigious dancer of the modern times Jesus Carmona and his team.

On the 19th day of September, the stage of Dubai Opera will be shaken by hot Spanish music and dances. A spectacular show of the famous Jesus Carmona will take place at the venue. It’s pretty hard to describe his dancing style because it combines classic flamenco, ballet, and contemporary dances, keeping traditions of all the styles, and highlighting the most attractive features of each of them.

The lovers of passionate Spanish music will be delighted to know that Dubai Opera prepared a show by the master of flamenco Jesus Carmona. Impetus dancing show offers guitar music, incredible voices and the most famous tracks from all over the world.

The performance is called Impetus and involves all the choreographers and dancers of the famous master. There will be 11 dancers, musicians, and singers. In addition to their own songs and dances, they will perform the most famous works of Riqueni, Escudero, and Albeniz. 

                Jesus Carmona

Ogranizer: Dubai Opera

Venue: Dubai Opera

Tickets: from 160 AED

Date and time: September 19, 20:00.

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