I want to rent an apartment for a holiday. How can I avoid mistakes?

01 January 1970
In order to find the most appropriate apartment for rental, one needs to allocate a couple of minutes in order to list the criteria, which are really important for your selections.

The overall quality of your holiday, as well as your mood and impressions from the trip,  will depend on the proper selection of the apartment for rent. So here’s the first advice – don’t be hurry. There’s a lot of options, and if you still have enough time to book an apartment, you will be able to choose the proper apartment for the best holiday in your life. 

What else should I do before booking the apartment?

In case if you are not experienced in the selection of holiday accommodation, you need to create a reliable booking system. Just take a piece of paper, and write all the important criteria. In case if the apartment doesn’t have required parameters or amenities, you can easily avoid it, thus narrowing the list of potential listings. Such criteria can be totally different, but they are still important for you. Such criteria may include:

  1. Price
  2. Travel dates (the apartment has to be free)
  3. Number of rooms
  4. Distance from the beach
  5. Air conditioning system
  6. Internet access

and other parameters.

After writing these criteria down, you will be able to make a proper choice.

apartment for holiday

Choosing a proper apartment according to the criteria

The majority of accommodation booking websites offer the detailed functionality of the website and the application, thus allowing the user to choose required filters (price, terms, area etc.) in order to show the corresponding listings. It’s worth noting that several parameters can be found only in the full description of the apartment, so you need to save such offers (e.g. in tabs) in order to perform a detailed analysis later. 

What to do if I don’t see the required information?

If the website offers a direct connection with the owner, you can write him a letter in order to get answers to your questions. In case if the website controls the apartment, you can contact their customer support in order to ask all the questions. 

What to do to avoid booking of the alternative option while I’m trying to get answers to my questions?

The majority of websites offers free booking for a couple of days without obligations. Just book everything you want, and start finding answers to your questions. In just 2-3 days you will be able to communicate with all the owners in order to discuss all the details and make a payment for the most appropriate option. Other bookings will be canceled automatically after not receiving the payment. 

I don’t have specific requirements. Can someone find me an option?

Workers at #TripAways will definitely do that for you. Just write us in the chat or call us, and one of our managers will be able to find the most appropriate option for you. After finding a listing the manager will send you an invoice to pay for the booking.

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