What Kinds of Apartment Layouts Are Available in Dubai?

Apartments in Dubai: features of studio layouts; apartments with one or several bedrooms.

Dubai is often called “the City of the Future,” for its unrealistically-high skyscrapers and extremely bold projects: artificial islands, ski resorts in the desert, giant shopping centers... Looking at greatness like that, it may seem that apartments in Dubai are also kind of unreal. Is it so? Let's see what apartment types are offered by Emirates’ residential complexes, and how they differ from traditional housing.

Apartments in Dubai

Dubai Studio Apartments

The most affordable and small apartments are studios. They do not have any internal partitions (only a bathroom is separated); a bedroom, living room and kitchen are in a same room.


At the same time, Dubai studios are very well-zoned. Often, dining area with a dining set are located near a kitchen. A living room is separated by a corner-sofa or another conventional partition. A large double bed is placed in the sleeping area.

Apartments in Dubai

Such apartments have everything you need for living and cooking. They are suitable for one or two people modest life ― business travelers or tourists.

How to avoid getting confused when choosing apartments in Dubai? We will tell you what apartment layouts are available in the city, and what does it mean counting the number of rooms by the number of bedrooms.

One Bedroom Apartments

It’s a classic one-bedroom apartment with a living room and bedroom. A kitchen is most often combined with a living room, separated from each other by a bar or wall with a serving window. It’s also possible to find one bedroom apartments with a separate kitchen.

Apartments in Dubai

Due to the fact that many houses are distinguished by their intricate architecture, apartments in Dubai may have a non-standard shape. Often, it’s not a bad news but good news, as it allows fulfilling unique design projects.


One bedroom apartments are offered for sale empty or furnished. They are great options for a young family.

Apartments with Several Bedrooms

Speaking about Dubai apartments, the number of rooms is considered by the number of bedrooms. BR2 is a three-room apartment: a living room + two bedrooms; BR3 has four rooms, etc.

Apartments in Dubai

Apartments with several bedrooms are best for wealthy people. Most often, they have a separate room for servants, one or two bathrooms, and a balcony or terrace.


Apartments with several bedrooms are suitable for families with children. Available in the city center and outlying areas, they are offered by numerous new residential complexes. The layouts may differ a lot: from standard apartments with three rooms, to unique design ones having bay windows, semicircular walls, and unusual spacious terraces.

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