How to save money on holiday accommodation booking?

While planning virtually any kind of travel one can save a lot of money on accommodations, and the discount of even 10-15% will be bigger than the expenses for taxi or excursions.

In the majority of cases, the expenses for a hotel or apartment rental are taking at least the half of the entire holiday price. That’s why the economy of even 10-15% can be as big as the expenses for transportation and tours. That’s why you need to find options to save some money on accommodation first of all. How to find such opportunities?


1. Check all the options before the trip, and don’t try to ignore even the most unusual offers

The easiest way is to find the most affordable hotels at or studios at Airbnb. In the case of, it’s recommended to check the official hotel prices. If you find that the hotel offers even more affordable conditions, you can talk with managers, and make a booking. Furthermore, you can use Airbnb to communicate directly with the owners of the apartment.

How to save money on accommodation booking

There is another option. You need to search tour agencies in order to find ho deals for your holiday destination. The real gem of this option is the fact that you can find a tour that is cheaper than the separate booking of the tickets and accommodation. 


2. Ask for discounts during the process of communication with the hotels and accommodation owners at Airbnb

Don’t forget that nobody is going to offer you a discount until you ask for it. And in the case when you have an offer, you can move to the further discussion. You can tell the owner about the rental terms (if you are going to stay for a week), additional services (ask for a free breakfast for the same price that was offered at the beginning).

Almost every person can save a lot of money on accommodation, while the principle of such economy can be used in any country that you are going to visit.

3. Use special websites and agencies

The hotels have strict agreements with official websites, and they can’t change prices as immediately as on their own website. That’s why such websites offer significantly more favorable conditions than the official websites of the hotel. Agencies, which offer various accommodation options, are always able to make a discount because they prefer to retain the loyal customer, and are always ready to give a discount of $20-30.

Use special websites and agencies

4. Always take bonus and loyalty cards

You will get a different level of services, and even upgrades or free bonuses. While making a booking with such a card, you can ask for 5-10% discount.

Only you decide where and when to go ...

5. Choose apartments and hotels located far from touristic areas

Firstly, the farther you are from the tourists, the lower are the prices. Secondly, such areas offer more affordable food in cafes and restaurants “for locals”. Thirdly, while living in such areas, you can see the real life of the people, staying far away from the “touristic paradise”. Finally, the majority of sights and attractions is usually located far from touristic areas and villages, so you will be able to save some additional money on transportation.

 Choose apartments and hotels located far from touristic areas

Property in this region

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