How to avoid bankruptcy buying souvenirs? Avoiding impulsive purchases during the travel

02 December 2018
There are several ways to avoid impulsive purchases in order to save your money and avoid useless and unnecessary expenses.

Impulsive purchases are one of the main expenditures not only during the travel but in the regular life. They include all unplanned purchases of useless things and services, which are made in specific conditions. The key characteristics of such impulsive purchases are their unplanned nature and the uselessness.


Impulsive purchasesPeople make them incredibly often during the travel because they want to relax and forget about the regular life (including the process of money saving at home). People prefer to get the full range of emotions during the travel, and it can’t coexist with the money saving.

Unpredicted and impulsive purchases are incredibly popular among the travelers. People spend a lot of money, and when they return home, they can’t understand why they bought it. How to avoid such unplanned expenses?

Nevertheless, when we return home, we get disappointed with such useless expenses and facing the lack of money. However, one can easily avoid them by following a couple of simple rules.


  1. Always plan expenses during the trip. Think about taxis, tours, food, tickets and even souvenirs. Plan everything, and allocate a specific amount for each of the expenditures. Never buy anything else, and try to control yourself.
  2. Try to avoid places with impudent sellers. They know all the secrets, and they can easily change your mind, making you buying useless stuff. As a result, you are almost ready to buy, and the seller will push you to make the last step. Try to avoid such situations.
  3. If you want to walk around the district, and you don’t plan to buy anything, just don’t take money with you. This is the best way to save them. 
  4. When you go to the crowded places, don’t take too much cash, and use cards. Impudent street sellers never have POS-terminals, while you will be able to use your card in case if you find something really useful.
  5. Before buying anything, think if you really need it. Remember that you promised not to waste a lot of money. Act according to the plan.
  6. Don’t forget that you are not obligated to buy anything. In case if the seller spent 30 minutes to talk with you, you can just walk away with no consequences.

You need to remember that your money is your precious time, and you worked hard to earn them. Before paying for something, be sure that you are ready to give a part of your life for a specific product or service. Such conscious approach will be great for you.

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