How to rent an apartment on special websites?

01 January 1970
Answers to the most popular questions about the process of holiday accommodation booking on various websites.

These days one needs to open a special website or use an application in order to book accommodation using an intuitive interface. The most sophisticated resources are totally adjusted for the beginners, allowing starting the process of booking in a couple of minutes. And you won’t be able to make a mistake because you need to follow simple instructions choosing the required parameters throughout the stages. By doing so, you will create a booking request, which will be transformed into the booking confirmation at the last stage.

Show me an example!

Let’s take a look at the booking process on #TripAways. You can start the booking process on virtually any page, including the main feed and the side menu. You can also use “Rent accommodation” tab in the upper menu. By opening the menu, you will start the booking process. The system will offer you the following steps:

  1. Choose the region, the city and the area of accommodation
  2. Choose required parameters: area, price, and services or amenities
  3. Choose the date of arrival and departure – the system will remove listings, which are booked for the chosen period
  4. Choose an accommodation by viewing photos, description, amenities, and rating
  5. Indicate your personal information: the name, the surname and the passport number (in case if you are not registered in the system)
  6. Confirm the booking for the chosen period

This is enough for the first stage, and your accommodation is booked for the three days. You shall contact the owner, ask all the questions, and make the full payment in case if everything is fine. You can also contact the managers of TripAways to address all the issues.


After completing the payment you will get an email with the receipt and the information about the booking. These documents are enough for checking in.


That’s how it happens on Airbnb and many other popular accommodation booking websites. Even in case if some of them offer different booking conditions or special services, all of them are intuitive and easy to understand

Is it safe?

It’s absolutely safe in case of the most popular and trusted websites. Tripaways, Airbnb, HomeAway and other websites are responsible for the money paid for the booking. In case of any problems, which are out of the tourist’s control, the system will refund the full price of the booking. These companies are big enough to lose their reputation by not providing support for the users.


Furthermore, all the financial operations of such services are controlled by regulators (big banks), and the system will lose the right to accept payments in case of serious violations.


Nevertheless, all refunds and reimbursements are made in accordance with the specific rules of the system. Such approach allows elimination of fraudulent actions.

Can experts book the accommodation instead of me?

Some websites offer this feature. For example, TripAways offers a team of managers, who will find the most appropriate accommodation, and perform all the required operations, including the process of invoice sending.

In case if you never tried booked an apartment for holidays, you may be confused with the booking process, having a lot of issues and questions. No need to worry because the first time is the most difficult and scary and we are ready to answer the most popular questions in order to let you know all the features of the system.

Will my money disappear if I provide wrong information?

No, we are ready to fight for your comfort till the end. In case of a critical mistake, our manager will call you in order to check the details. In case if you’ve found it yourself, you can write us in the chat, or call us by phone in order to eliminate the mistakes. We hire people and not robots, so all occasional mistakes can be easily fixed.

Can I get my money back in case if I cancel my trip?

We provided the detailed information about the conditions for the refund. In case if you are eligible, you will get the refund with no issues.


Okay, how can I start the process?

Open this link, and follow the provided instructions.

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