Italy’s three top beaches

01 October 2018
With each step on the fine pebble, you can feel the pleasant warmth. It’s like submerging into silky and frothy milk mass.

When a country is washed by five seas, it’s hard to choose a coast for your vacation. The most beautiful Italian beaches are so various they can make a separate sightseeing tour. Italy is not just about architecture, after all! Below are three top beaches to include in your route. 

Cala Mariolu beach, gulf of Orosei (Sardinia)

Cala Mariolu beach, gulf of Orosei (Sardinia)

The cleanest beaches, monumental sights, friendly locals – this is all about Sardinia. One of the leading world’s beaches is located here – on the gulf of Orosei. Cala Mariolu beach is a pure and beautiful place.

Sometimes it takes just a glance to realize how wonderful our planet is. Snow white sand and sky blue waves, peace and harmony, where the calm is shattered only by the gulls clangs. Unusual pink pebble makes you dive into daydreaming. Here is one of the few places on Earth where you can literally look at the world through rose-colored spectacles.

The bay is hidden from the others’ eyes, and the local picturesque views can be compared to a real paradise. With each step on the fine pebble, you can feel the pleasant warmth. It’s like submerging into silky and frothy milk mass.

The bay attracts many diving fans, and the best shots of the underwater world are made here!

Fetovaia beach, Elba

Fetovaia beach, Elba

Our next stop is one of the quietest bays of Italy. Fetovaia is by right considered one of the most amazing beaches that has managed to save its inborn primevalness.

As we remember, Emperor of the French – Napoleon Bonaparte – was exiled here. People say, he couldn’t take Elba’s white sands and other local beauties and had to escape.

But let’s talk about the beach. One would notice at once that it makes a very good option for a family vacation. Shallow water is perfectly safe for small tourists.

Golden sand shining under the sun, huge granite cliffs, and a wide range of services make Fetovaia one of the most popular beaches in the world. Convenient car access and a parking lot are very much to the point for those who prefer travelling by private transport.

Marina dell'Isola beach, Tropea

Marina dell'Isola beach, Tropea

Now let’s move to Italy’s extreme point – to the very corner of the half-island. We are about to meet the best beach of the whole Sardinian coast! Its name is Marina dell'Isola. The main benefit of the beach is its transport availability. It takes a simple route through some scenic local beauties to find this fairytale sea-scape. It’s impossbile to imagine there is any other place in the world as beautiful as this one.

As soon as your feet touch the hot sand of Marina dell'Isola and your eyes meet the contour of the cognominal church, you won’ know what to do. It’s so hard to force your eyes away from the astonishing sea-scape and bathing in warm water. But your hands will reach for the camera, and not taking a single picture here will be more than the human frame can bear. Welcome to the world where leisure mingles with art and grace.

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