If you are going to Toronto, Canada

So if you want to avoid crowds of people, come here some other time, but on July 28-31.

Canadian Toronto is widely considered one of the planet’s most many-sided places.

Travelers are surprised to hear it “speaking” over a hundred of languages and dialects. Below we are answering some popular newcomers’ questions.

When is the right time for a visit?

The most suitable time of the year for seeing – or walking, to be more exact – Toronto is end of spring to early summer, and the beginning of autumn. By the way, September, being one of the most pleasant months, also boasts a large-scaled film festival and some more feasts.

What if I don’t like crowds?

Since summer is the season of festivals and holidays, there is a festivity taking place almost each weekend – and several working days as well. So if you want to avoid crowds of people, come here some other time, but on July 28-31, when the Peeks Toronto Caribbean Carnival is on, as this event usually welcomes over 1’000’000 attendees.Toronto, Canada

What is the weather like, generally?

The hottest time of the year falls at July, with an average temperature of 21°C while January is the chilliest month, with a medium temperature of -3°C.

How to move around there?

The local transport system includes subway, trolley-cars, and buses that will help you travel from the housing area to the water front, at a cost of 2.25 USD and higher.Toronto, Canada

What language is spoken there?

The city is linguistically diverse, but its prevailing language is English.

What currency is used in Toronto?

It’s the Canadian dollar, the official Canadian currency, but US dollars may be accepted here too, since the city is a popular tourists’ attraction. However, our advice is you should have some local cash with you, or a bank card.

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