Ice cream with gold – a miracle dessert offered in Dubai

Ice cream with gold in Dubai is another culinary masterpiece for those who love to conceit, lose some money and share some truly unusual feelings.

Dubai is constantly surprising us with its luxury and richness. We are talking not only about posh villas, sport cars and brand clothes, but about various foods too. We have already told you about an exclusive golden coffee that is offered in several restaurants of Dubai. But local cookery specialist decided to go further and offer real ice cream with gold for the visitors of the city!

Where can one try this amazing dessert?

This dainty is called “Black Diamond” and offered in luxurious Scoopi Café. This ice cream is obviously the most expensive in the world. The price of this culinary masterpiece is AED 2999 of $820!

Ice cream with gold is made by chief cook Zubin Doshi, using the best ingredients from all over the world. The main components are extra rich vanilla ice cream from Madagascar, black truffles from Italy and Iranian saffron.

Have you ever tried a scoop of golden ice cream or a golden muffin?

Of course, we are talking not about real gold, but about gold leaf. Haven’t you heard about it? Well, it’s something pretty usual for Dubai…

After paying such an impressive amount of money a café visitor will get only one scoop of ice cream that has an incredible taste and decorated with 23-karat leaf gold.

The astonishing painted bowl for ice cream and the elegant Versace spoon are offered as memorable souvenirs.

Dubai desserts for real royalty

We have to say that not only “Black Diamond” golden ice cream can be used as something unique to praise guests of Dubai and their wallets. For example, Bloomsbury's Café offers “Golden Phoenix” muffin that has amount of gold almost equal to the amount of dough.

Café workers told us that people were impressed with golden muffins, which were used as decorative elements. Thus, they decided to offer real golden muffins of great value.

The price of this delicacy is around $1000. Butter for this muffin is brought right from the UK; cacao is delivered right from Italy, while incredibly tasty vanilla is taken right from Uganda.

Dubai “Black Diamond”: Ice cream with gold worth $820

This muffin is decorated with golden flakes and wrapped in golden foil. It looks like a real bar of gold. The muffin is served with gold-plated strawberry and a pottle with cream. Guests are offered to use a golden spoon on a luxurious Villari food-tray.

However, one can try this amazing dessert only after making request in advance. The entire cooking process takes 2 full days.

Dubai is the city where all dreams come true. If you are dreaming about golden ice cream or muffin, you will definitely try both of them here (of course, only if you are ready to pay for such luxurious food)!

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