Is there direct way to Miracle Garden by metro?

06 September 2017
Getting to the Miracle Garden by metro is not really difficult: you need to reach nearest metro station Mall of the Emirates and take a taxi or bus #105.
The majority of visitors prefers to get to the Miracle Garden by metro. Anyhow, the Miracle Garden is a touristic attraction, and the majority of Dubai tourists is using public transportation in order to get to different parts of Dubai. We have to highlight that there’s no metro station located within the walking distance from the Miracle Garden. In other words, if you plan to visit the Miracle Garden, you need to reach the nearest metro station and take a taxi or a bus. There are several options, which are convenient for the tourists staying in different hotels or apartments.

The traditional way of getting to Miracle Garden by metro

Nearest metro station to the Miracle Garden is Mall of the Emirates. It offers the most convenient way to go to the Miracle Garden:
  1. The average taxi ride will cost around 30-35 AED, and you will reach the garden in 10-15 minutes.
  2. Bus #105 goes directly from the Mall of the Emirates and will take you to the Miracle Garden in 15-20 minutes without making additional stop. The price for the ticket is 5 AED. Buses depart every 20 minutes during the weekdays and every 15 minutes on Friday and Saturday.
There is no direct way to Miracle Garden by metro, but the way from nearest station to Garden takes no more than 25 minutes.
Route to Miracle Garden from nearest metro station Mall of the Emirates.
During the working day the bus is available from 2pm till 8pm, while on Friday and Saturday you can catch one from 12pm till 10pm. Bring in mind that on Friday and Saturday Miracle Garden is open till 12 pm, but the lastest metro train goes at 12 pm as well. If you lose it, you'll have to take taxi to reach your apartments. You can use taxi to leave the garden anytime you want. You will find a lot of them as near the metro station, as well as near the Miracle Garden.

Special option for visitors of Global Village

There are several different options to reach Miracle Garden for those who plan visit both the Miracle Garden and the Global Village in one trip. Such people can use the bus routes going from the following stations:
  1. Ghubaiba Bus Station. It’s located in 20 minutes from Al Fahidi metro station by foot.
  2. Union Station (metro).
These options are more convenient for those living in Deira or Bur Dubai, and for those who doesn’t want to take the metro. Here you can reach a bus, and take it in order to reach the Global Village. You can make shopping, eat something and relax before going to the Miracle Garden. Nevertheless, the most affordable, simple and popular way of getting to the Miracle Garden by metro is to reach the Mall of the Emirates station and use taxi or bus to reach the garden.

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