How can I stop being scared of flying? (Part 1)

01 March 2019
Believing someone can enjoy driving an aircraft is close to impossible, if you are scared of flying.

They say, about 25% of people are afraid of traveling by air, up to a state of panic. Some obsessively check weather forecasts before they board the plane, others get frightened when hearing any noise during the flight. Feeling unsafe and nervous can also transfer to other passengers.

We are answering seven questions, to answer the main one: how to get over the fear of flying?

How does a plane work?

Lack of understanding that a plane is constructed to fly just like a car is constructed to move down a road, or a train is made for a railway, leads to the fear of flying. If this can calm you down, a plane can glide for 150 km at a height of 9150 m, even with all engines broken down.

How can I trust my life to the pilots?

Believing someone can enjoy navigating an aircraft is close to impossible, if you are scared of flying. But pilots love their work, and they all were selected after numerous tests, and a special training program, before they take a seat in the control cabin. Besides that, they undergo revision tests and retraining throughout their career.

What can I do with the negative thoughts?

Although it’s easier said than done, negative thoughts can be controlled. So try to replace those thoughts of an engine exploding or a wing breaking off with something more pleasant. Picture yourself landing safely. Positive mentality helps decrease nervousness and stay calm.

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