Horseback riding in Dubai: where to practice and participate in competitions?

09 June 2017
Horseback riding in Dubai for beginners and advanced jockeys: the list of the most popular horseback riding schools with short description of services.

Horses and horseback riding in Dubai: where to ride and where to learn basics?

Horseback riding in Dubai is a very popular sport. This city offers great opportunities for learning basics and advancing in equestrian sport. There are many various training centers for kids, beginners and professional jockeys. One can practice in horse riding; kids can enjoy ponies and learn how to take care of animals.

horseback riding in Dubai

Popular horseback riding training centers

One of the most popular equestrian sport training centers is Emirates Equestrian Centre. It was founded in 1983 and specializes in show-jumping, dressing-out and cross-country riding. This center is the only one in Middle East that was approved by British Horse Society. Many international competitions are carried out here, while students have a chance to work with experienced coaches. The school has its own show-jumping team, horseback riding classes and a pony club.

In Hoofbeatz training center you can learn the basics of communication with horses, participate in numerous entertaining programs and professional horse shows. This training center offers horseback riding classes and a pony club for kids.

Mushrif Equestrian Centre is a horseback riding school that offers personal training for students with various skills, as well as polo classes. This training center is equipped with a huge hippodrome (where various competitions are held), two training zones and a special track for ponies.

In case if you are interested in horseback riding, Dubai offers you perfect conditions for training and practicing equestrian sport. In this article you will find the list of the most popular horseback riding schools.

One can practice horseback riding in Dubai in Al Dhabi Stables club that offers two training zones: one in the desert with no limits for riding and another one in Umm Sequim.

Another great choice for beginners is Desert Palm Equestrian Centre. Here you can find attentive and experienced teachers and participate in numerous competitions.

Horseback riding in Dubai for kids: what is the best place for your kid?

Virtually all horseback riding training centers offer special classes for children with air conditioned areas where kids learn how to take care of animals and getting more responsible and disciplined.

horseback riding in Dubai

Al Sahra Equestrian Centre offers a special 10-week program for kids of 5 years old and older. This program was created to teach children the basics of horseback riding and show them how to take care of horses. This center also offers various tours, competitions and entertainment events.

One can also take private classes and order horses for family rides in Polo Equestrian Club. This club specializes in polo, show-jumping and Arabian Desert tours.

Dubai is one of the best places in the world for equestrian sport. You will find a lot of training centers in school, choosing one that fits your needs better than others.

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