Нoliday accommodation rental: what is better to choose in Dubai: studio or 1BR

Нoliday accommodation rental: specific budgets and furnishing, pros and cons of studio and one-bedroom apartments in Dubai and choosing tips.

If you already know that short-term holiday accommodation rental is much better than hotels, you just need to choose the most convenient accommodation format for your needs. The most popular options among tourists are studios and one-bedroom apartments. Such accommodation can be used to fit 1-4 guests who came to Dubai to get new impressions and memories. We recommend you to search for another option if your group includes more than 4 people.

Please note: accommodation rental is more convenient only in case if you plan to spend the majority of your time outside (beaches or tours) and you don’t need various services. Such accommodation is mostly used for sleeping. 

The final choice between studios and apartments depends on the following factors:

  • total number of guests
  • type of relations between the guests
  • budget

Keeping in mind that the levels of comfort in studios and one-bedroom apartments are almost equal, your choice depends on the number of guests and the final price.

When it’s better to rent a studio in Dubai?

In few words, if you want to find the minimum price for short-term holiday accommodation rental, then your choice is the studio. This is the most budget solution for 1-2 travelers. Sometimes owner allow children free of charge. However, there will be an additional fee for the third adult guest.

Нoliday accommodation rental: when it’s better to choose a studio apartment, specific features, which make 1BR more favorable choice in Dubai.

Keeping in mind that the studio has no bedroom, you have to use the living room for sleeping. Guests need to understand that they have to sleep together. If such option is not acceptable by guests, the closest option is to rent a 1BR apartment.

However, one can’t complain about the level of sleeping quality, because all accommodation in Dubai is perfectly furnished.

Who can rent 1BR apartment in Dubai?

One-bedroom apartment rental is the most popular option for a family with two kids or a group of friends. Such accommodation offers a living room where two guests can sleep in perfect conditions.

Please note that there are many various one-bedroom apartments in the property market of Dubai. One can book an apartment with one king-size bed or an apartment with two single beds. It doesn’t affect the booking price.

Summary: a studio is your choice if you need the minimum price. If your group includes three or four people – choose 1BR apartment with a required number of beds.

Нoliday accommodation rental in Dubai: studio or 1BR?

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