Hermitage photos: the biggest museum of the world inside and outside

The biggest art museum in Russia and the world: the story of creation, Hermitage photos, museum exhibits and useful information.

Hermitage is the most luxurious and famous palace in Russia. It is located in the building of the Winter Palace on the central square of Saint Petersburg, as well as 5 additional buildings. This is the biggest art museum in Russia, and one of the biggest in the world. Hermitage photos are always hilarious, while the museum is in the top of “must see” lists of all the tourists of the Northern Capital.




History of museum

The Winter Palace was built by famous Rastrelli. It was used as the official winter residence of Russian emperors. Ekaterina, who really liked art, decided to make an art gallery in one of the halls, calling it “Hermitage”, which means a “private place” in French.

Hermitage started with 200 of pictures and was constantly added to new objects of art. In 1852 it was finally open to the public, offering an extensive collection of pictures and sculptures. These days the museum hosts more than 3 million of exhibits: paintings, Gobelins, statues, sculptures, archeological monuments, antique objects, and decorations…

Hermitage night
Hermitage night

A separate gallery contains portraits of the Romanov’s Dynasty. Another hall offers the Dutch paintings from the Golden Age. It also contains the vast collection of Rembrandt works. There’s a lot of paintings from Spanish, Italian, German and French artists.

Are you impressed with Hermitage photos? Then you need to find some time to visit this museum. You can spend a lot of hours walking around it, enjoying majestic objects of art…

Interior of the Hermitage Museum is more than luxurious. By looking at Hermitage photos one can see the luxury and the chic of each exhibit an object of art.

The palace of Peter the Great offers renovated chamber of the emperor, while the palace of Menshikov – the “Russian Culture in the beginning of XVIII century” collection. The main part of the building is occupied with the paintings of French artists from XIX-XX centuries, including masterpieces of Van Gogh. Guests are also able to visit the museum of emperor’s porcelain and the center of restoration.

The Throne Room of the State Hermitage
The Throne Room of the State Hermitage

Useful information

The museum is open all year round, so you can visit it and take astonishing Hermitage photos anytime. On 7th of December (the date of museum creation) and on the first Thursday of each month the entrance is free. However, the museum is obviously crowded during these dates.

In order to avoid queues, it’s recommended to buy tickets online and read information about the location of halls. If you want, you can use mobile “Hermitage Voice Guide” app.

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