Head to toe: how to remember all you need to pack for a travel

13 June 2019
The logic is simple: write down all you may need for each of your body parts depending on the destination and time of the year.

There is hardly a traveller who doesn’t feel a rose-coloured anticipation of a new trip. We want to walk down the ramp and set foot on a new shore bypassing flight waiting, passport control, inspection, traffic jams on the way to the airport… and packing. If it’s a long journey ahead, and you are planning an active and diverse vacation, you may need more things than come to your mind right away. Here is an easy way to remember everything handy.


Go by your body parts

Take a list to remember about important things

First of all, the best way to not forget important things is to put them on a list. And the things it should contain can be defined by going through your needs from top to toe. Literally.

Sunglasses, sun-protect it important things on sunny vacation

Start with your head: what do you need to take care of this body part?

  • Hair-care (a shampoo, care and styling products, a hairbrush, etc.)
  • A straw hat or a headcloth for hot sunny weather; a woolly hat for chilly weather
  • An umbrella
  • Headache pills
  • Headphones (a walkman) or sleeping ear muffs

Skincare and protect on vacation

Then comes the face – think in the similar way what you use here. It may be:

  • Skincare (cleaning, moisturizing, sun-protecting products)
  • Contact lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Denture and oral care

Sometimes scarves save your neck on vacation

On consideration, something relating your neck will bubble to the surface too:

  • A necktie or a scarf
  • Throat lozenge

The logic is simple: write down all you may need for each of your body parts depending on the destination and time of the year. Then cross out the unnecessary.


Don’t pack what you can buy there

Think about what you can buy there

Many things – even those that won’t stay lying at the bottom of your suitcase – can be purchased after reaching your destination point.

Ask yourself if you really need a whole bottle of shampoo, when you can carry a small bottle allowed for hand-luggage, and buy a new bottle then and there – or use products provided by the hotel. You will find a headcloth in any resort town, and save it as a souvenir. It’s not always possible to bring a straw hat in a suitcase without messing it – all that’s left to do is wearing it on your head during the trip.

Couple get activity on vacation

Bring only the most important and necessary things, and you will be surprised how much space and energy can be saved.

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