Hawaiian Aloha Festival: immerse into the world of island culture

Have you been to Hawaii? It’s the right time to book a trip. For example, you can go there next September. Aloha Festival photos will convince you that it’s the best way to prolong your summer!

Aloha is the celebration of kindliness, sun, warmth, and dances, which happens annually in Hawaii. It starts in September and lasts for six weeks. If you want to feel the Hawaiian kindliness, you need to participate in the festival, while Aloha Festival photos will convince you that it’s a great idea!

Aloha Festival photos: the brightest moments of the festival


All six islands of the archipelago are colorfully decorated during the celebration. People greet each other by shouting “Aloha!” This is a greeting and a confession in love at the same time. The island is full of festive atmosphere, and there’s more than a dozen various events carried out throughout the event!


After joining the Hawaiian #festival you will feel esthetic and gastronomic enjoyment from the local beauty and incredible food, astonishing performances, parades, and events. The brightest Aloha Festival photos can be made on Waikiki beach. You need to go there for sure in order to see incredible hula dance with your own eyes.

Aloha Festival photos

Hawaiian Aloha

History of the holiday

The first festival was carried out in 1946. Local authorities were worried that ancient traditions of the Hawaiian people started to disappear, leaving a place for the Western traditions. The festival, which had the name of Aloha Week, was intended to save traditions and habits, and it was really popular. These days it transformed into a continuous festival that attracts millions of tourists every single year.


The festival is organized by volunteers with the support of local and touristic authorities. All entrance tickets are absolutely free!

Hawaiian Aloha

Aloha Festival

Celebration schedule

Positive Aloha Festival photos clearly show that Hawaii is the place where happiness lives. It’s the world of eternal summer, amazing beaches, and amazing sceneries, which are used as incredible decorations for the festival. That’s why the majority of events is carried out on the street.


Aloha is opened when the “king” and the “queen” receive their power attributes, and select their servants. The event is supported by mystical songs and ritual hula dances with the drums beating.

Aloha Festival

You definitely need to visit this event. You can choose any concert, event or performance, simply following the schedule of the day. The most important is not to miss the flower parade and world’s famous Waikiki Hoolaulea party in the central street of Waikiki.


If you want to make some hot Aloha Festival photos, don’t forget to visit vibrant parties in Oahu and Maui islands.

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