A tropical forest of Green Planet in Dubai: a jungle in the desert

20 November 2016
A unique complex Green Planet in Dubai is already open for visitors. It’s an immense pavilion containing a realistic imitation of the tropical forests with 3000 animal species and plants.

A long-awaited occasion has finally happened: the Green Planet in Dubai is open and it’s already taking visitors in. Now inquisitive tourists visiting the hot Arabic desert are welcome to contemplate the biota of the Amazon and Orinoco moist rain-forests.

Green Planet in Dubai What is it?

Green Planet is an immense four storey complex, mostly consisting of a pavilion that is decorated as a piece of the South-American rainforests. The creators managed to gather more than 3000 types of animals and plants here, creating comfortable habitat for them. What is more, all the animals are not restricted in movement across the pavilion, even birds fly wherever they please.

The pavilion has special routes with staircases and balconies for the visitors. There’s also an elevator that will help move between the floors quickly enough. The top floor reveals an astonishing panoramic view of the upper branches of a tropical tree and a South American rainforest. Visitors can see that from the height of the upper branches of tropical forest trees.

What kinds of animals can be found in Green Planet in Dubai?

The collection of the complex includes porcupines, sloths, snakes, spiders, parrots, various lizards and a vast number of exotic fishes. All animals in the complex were bought in different zoos and sometimes from private owners, so none of the animals were captured in the wild specifically for the needs of the complex. The animals and plants are chosen in a way that they would cause no harm to each other and would be able to coexist harmoniously.

Green Planet in Dubai

The central “stem” in the middle of the pavilion is artificial, but its branches are planted with live plants including epiphytes. There’s also an artificial waterfall. The creators of the complex expect the lianas to cover the artificial stem completely in ten years, so the tree would look completely natural.

The tropical climate is constantly maintained within the pavilion: the temperature within the range of 25-28°С and about 70% humidity.

There are also large aquariums with arapaimas, arowanas, cramp-fishes and a great number of small fishes. The levels of the complex represent different tiers of the rainforest. Meaning that if you can see crocodiles, coatis and spiders on the lower levels, you then may find tree snakes, frogs, leafcutter ants, toucans and parrots as you ascend the tiers of the complex.

3000 kinds of animals and plants can now be seen at once in a new four storey complex Green Planet in Dubai. A variety of species so vast it’s difficult to find such diversity of living creatures even in the real tropics!

Green Planet in Dubai

Environmental education for children

Green Planet in Dubai works as an exhibition, but it also has an open lecture hall and a classroom for children. The complex offers 15 different educational programs for children of 3 age groups: from 3 to 6 years old, 7 to 11 y/o, and 12 to 14 y/o. The purpose of the classes is to facilitate environmental education of children and help form their worldview.

Entering Green Planet would cost 95 AED for adults and 70 AED for 12 years old and younger children.

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