Apartment Rent for a Tourist in St. Petersburg: the Best Areas

Where a tourist can rent an apartment in St. Petersburg: a description of the most convenient areas and attractions nearby; daily rental price for apartments.

Where Is It Best to Rent an Apartment for Tourists in St. Petersburg? 

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia the city where a huge number of architecture monuments, museums, galleries, and theaters are located. Every year, the Northern capital is visited by thousands of tourists from different countries of the world; while the top priority for most visitors is to rent an apartment in a convenient area of St. Petersburg.

 Rent an apartment in St. Petersburg

For a tourist, a convenient place is a location from where it’s possible to easily and quickly reach all the iconic sights, so that they won’t have to waste a lot of time for trips and transfers. Ideal accommodation options are Nevsky Avenue and the adjacent territory called Vasilyevsky Island.

We will tell you where a tourist can rent an apartment in St. Petersburg, so that the main sights are within walking distance.

Nevsky Avenue

Nevsky Avenue is the central street of the city; it’s 4.5 km long. The avenue is stretching from the Admiralty to Alexander Nevsky Square. Visiting Nevsky Avenue is a must thing to do for any tourist program, since a large number of attractions, cafes and restaurants are situated here.

Places to visit: Alexandrovsky Park in front of the Admiralty, Palace Square and the Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Triumphal Arch, Russian Museum, Literary Cafe that a famous Russian poet A. Pushkin liked to visit, Stroganov Palace, Kazansky Cathedral, Singer House, Savior on Blood Church, etc.

It’s believed the even side of the avenue is sunnier, and thus people living there are more welcoming, and they smile more often. Having decided to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg on Nevsky, you’ll be able to personally test this hypothesis.

Daily rent pricing for a one-bedroom apartment starts from 1.5 thousand Russian rubles.

Nevsky Avenue

Vasilyevsky Island

Walking from Nevsky Avenue across the Admiralty Embankment and along the Palace Bridge, you will get to Vasilyevsky Island, which is considered one of the most beautiful places of St. Petersburg. A lot of attractions are concentrated here too. If you settle in the part of the island that adjoins Bolshaya Neva and walk towards the center, the sights are within reach (Makarov Embankment, Cadet Line, Big Avenue of Vasilyevsky Island, and so on.)

Vasilyevsky Island

The Kunstkamera; Three Saints Church; St. Andrew’s Cathedral; Spit of Vasilyevsky Island; Repin street - the narrowest one in the city (only 6 meters wide); Chapel of St. Xenia; Menshikov Palace; Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, etc., can be found on the island. But perhaps the major attractions are drawbridges. To enjoy the most vivid emotions from contemplating the bridges, you can feel free to order a night boat excursion.

Daily rent pricing for a one-bedroom apartment on Vasilyevsky Island starts from 1.2 thousand Russian rubles.

Rent an apartment in St. Petersburg

Renting an apartment in St. Petersburg is the most convenient and practical choice for a tourist: this option is more comfortable and cheaper than a hotel; it’s suitable for a family or company.

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