How to reach from the Miracle Garden to the Global Village and back?

06 September 2017
The easiest way to get from the Miracle Garden to the Global Village is to use taxi for 35 AED. They will take you to the village in just 10-12 minutes.
It’s not really hard to get from the Miracle Garden to the Global Village. This place attracts both a lot of tourists and taxis. There’s no reliable public transportation between these locations, such as trams or buses, but it doesn’t make the entire situation worse. The total distance between the Miracle Garden and the Global Village is just 6 km or 9.5km if we take the official route, and it’s not a big deal to cover both of them.

From the Miracle Garden to the Global Village by taxi

The easiest and the most popular option is to take a taxi. The total price of the ride from the Miracle Garden to the Global Village is around 30-35 AED, while the travel time is about 10 minutes. All drivers know the location of the Miracle Garden and the rules of the complex intersection next to it, thus you won’t even notice when you already arrived to the place. Direct way from the Miracle Garden to the Global Village. The easiest way is to find a driver right next to the Miracle Garden exit and negotiate to take you to the Global Village. You can also use various apps, such as Uber, official DTC and several others. Prices will be pretty different: DTC will take you there for just 30 AED, while Uber will ask up to 60 AED. The return trip from the Global Village to the Miracle Garden takes more time and money, because drivers have to use a long route. The overall price of such ride is around 30 AED.


If you are lucky to find one of Smart Rental Service official carsharing service cars next to the Miracle Garden, you can rent it right away. The price is around 50 fils per minute, thus the entire trip to the Global Village is worth 5-10 AED. The main problem is that there’s no official Smart Rental Service parking near the Miracle Garden, so you may face the situation when there’s no car available. Before choosing this and the next option, check your route to the Global Village on the map, because it has several pitfalls.

Reverse way to Miracle Garden from Global village is a bit more complex.

Your own car

This is the most comfortable way, but it has one important moment: you need to enter the Global Village from the south. You need to exit Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road right after Al Reem and enter the Global Village parking from the south. You return trip will be even more complex, because you can’t simply enter Sheikh Mohhamed Bin Zayed Road from the Global Village and you have to go around the Arabian Ranches and Festival City. Finally, we recommend those lucky people who decided to reach everything by foot to avoid doing that. Walking 6 km along the highway in the desert will kill all positive emotions and memories from visiting local attractions. You will be totally tired and you won’t be able to enjoy the Global Village.

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