Kamchatka skiing photos: reaching the snowy peaks

Ski mountaineering: Kamchatka skiing photos, information for thrill-seeking travelers, useful tips.

Are you tired of overcrowded skiing bases in Europe? There’s nothing better than going for a trip to the magic world of Kamchatka Peninsula. You are guaranteed to have bright emotions and unforgettable Kamchatka skiing photos!

         Kamchatka skiing photos   Kamchatka skiing photos

There are two options for skiing – visiting specially created ski resorts or “wild” riding from mountains and volcanoes. The second option is more romantic and impressive, so let’s discuss it.

Where can one go for skiing?

There’s a wide choice of places. Kamchatka has more than 300 volcanoes, and 29 of them are still erupting. Furthermore, there’s a lot of nameless mountains and hollows waiting for guests to come.

Kamchatka skiing photos

There are 5 volcanoes located in the proximity of the administrative center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky where the majority of tourist comes: Avachinskaya and Koryakskaya hills, as well as Kozelsky, Vilyuchinsky and Zhupanovsky volcanoes. These are the most popular and demanded places among the fans of skiing who don’t require the highest level of comfort.

Ski mountaineering Kamchatka

How to reach the starting point?

Well, there’s not too many options: you can go by foot or take a helicopter. Group flights are organized throughout the season every weekend. During the working day, one has to find the minimum number of passengers for the flight, i.e. 20-22 people for the Mi-8 helicopter. You need to buy your ticket in advance, and you will be able to reach Avachnisky peak or Vilyuchinsky volcano.

Ski mountaineering Kamchatka

You will be able to take astonishing Kamchatka skiing photos, as well as observe picturesque sceneries. The snow cover looks incredible in the sunlight, transforming into the joyful rainbow.

Kamchatka skiing photos are really breathtaking! Do you want to immerse into the world of snow thrill? Go pack your luggage because local volcanoes are waiting for you.

One can book a private helicopter tour or join a group of other tourists. But you need to think about that in advance because flights are pretty rare here.


No doubt that walking by foot will take significantly more time, and require a lot of experience and equipment. Beginners are recommended to come here only in a company of experienced skiers.


The best time for a trip is from April until June when the snow is dense, and one can move without special snowshoes.


         Kamchatka skiing photos   Kamchatka skiing photos

For those who are not aware of Kamchatka conditions it’s recommended to use one of the following programs:


  • Freeride (snowboard + mountain skis)
  • Backcountry (walking by foot)
  • Heli (using helicopter)

 We guarantee that you will have a lot of emotions and memorable Kamchatka skiing photos!


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