Angkor Wat photos: bright pictures of the most atmospheric place in Cambodia

The main sight of Cambodia – Angkor Wat temple city – description, history, useful tips and bright Angkor Wat photos.

Cambodia is a colorful country with amazing nature, while Angkor Wat is the main sight and attraction. This place has a unique atmosphere, which can’t be described with words. Angkor Wat photos allow evaluating the majestic grace of the ancient civilization of Khmers, as well as the high levels of culture and mastery.


This temple was built to honor Vishnu god and considered the biggest cult building in the world. This complex construction has three levels, five towers and numerous steps and passes. The entire territory covers more than 400 square meters and hosts more than 200 monuments.


History of temple city

According to the opinion of scientist, Angkor was blossoming in XX-XXII centuries. At that time it was one of the biggest cities in the world. At the beginning of XXIII century, an army of Siam attacked the city, and almost destroyed it. Local citizens were captured or ran away from the city, leaving it totally empty.

Angkor Wat photos:

Untouched palaces and monuments were at the center of the constantly growing forest, and eventually, it transformed into real jungles. At the end of XIX century, French researcher Ann Muo discovered the city and wrote about it in his works. At the beginning of the 90’s UNESCO decided to include Angkor Wat into the list of World Heritage objects, and it was decided to restore its charm and incredible look.

When you are in Cambodia, don’t forget to visit the temple city and take amazing Angkor Wat photos. This place has unique atmosphere and history, and it will impress you for sure.

Modern Angkor Wat photos allow understanding the level of beauty and development of the temple during its best times.


The silhouette of Angkor Wat can be found on the modern flag of Cambodia.

Angkor Wat


Useful tips for the trip

You need to go there early in the morning in order to avoid crowds and the heat; otherwise, you won’t be able to take beautiful Angkor Wat photos.


The temple city has a giant and multilevel territory. In order to check everything, you need to have a lot of free time. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, and cover your head and shoulders to avoid sunburns.


Be ready to pay for the souvenirs, because they are sold everywhere, and it’s hard to resist the desire to buy something memorable.


Take some coins and sweets, because local kids will always ask you for something. Prepare in advance, and you will be ready for everything.


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