Food you should try on your next trip to London (1)

14 January 2019
Managed by a top-ranked award-winning chef, this eatery represents an upscale British pub.

The capital of Great Britain is a popular touristic destination for different reasons. The busy capital is also a wonderful vacation option offering many ideas to feed your curiosity and need for adventures. Both maintaining its authentic British culture and welcoming some global trends, today London represents a perfect blend of old traditions and the latest influences.

Speaking of eating opportunities though, London is often unfairly considered flavorless in this regard. However, in reality, the range of local food is very diverse and its quality is at a very high level. Besides that, the city’s unique style is at times transferred into its eateries’ decoration, which leads to new discoveries.

If you are going to London, bear in mind the below food establishments where you will be able find new flavors and enjoy high style interior designs.

A trendy restaurant at a five-star hotel

The famous Corinthia Hotel London offers a diverse choice of dishes of both British and foreign origin. More than that, this place also homes the capital’s brightest restaurant –

Kerridge’s Bar&Grill
Kerridge’s Bar&Grill

– that opened in 2018. Managed by a top-ranked award-winning chef, this eatery represents an upscale British pub. There are many dining options to try, but we suggest including the local grill-room into your menu.

Visit London to explore India

They say it’s impossible to really eat out in the capital of Great Britain, without going a little exotic and having an Indian meal. We recommend these great culinary providers to add some spicery.

  1. The Cinnamon Club is placed in an 18th century building, maintaining the interior of the library that used to work here. Visitors find both the place’s design and its delicious food impressive. You will be amazed by the combination of the classic style surrounding and the ingenious Indian-English cuisine.
  2. Dishroom’s points are scattered around London and offer a great variety of dishes – for any time of the day – starting with traditional dishes and ending with more exotic options. This food establishment is considered an absolute must-visit.
  3. Gunpowder is a place for those searching uncomplicated home-style meals. The eatery’s secret lays in approaching to family recipes, which rapidly made it one of the capital’s most popular Indian restaurants. Unsophisticated food (still full of flavor) is quickly served on small plates, with that pace building up a uniquely dynamic atmosphere.
    The Cinnamon Club
    The Cinnamon Club

If you want to feel like a society man

The Ned is one of those few places providing a mix of options in terms of both food, alcohol, and vibrant partying activities. Here you will find ten multifaceted restaurant and bar conceptions saturated with the 1920s’ glamor. This place is a stamping-ground for local beau monde offering its guests a good range of things and events to join – from weekend banquets to alive music and performances. If you are looking for classical British food, take a table at Ned’s restaurant – Millie’s. Such delicious options as a lobster, traditional fish and chips, and a perfect Scotch egg are on the list. Do not miss the great assortment of native shimmer wines.

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