Menton Lemon Festival – the brightest event in Cote d'-Azur

Lemon Festival photos in Menton, story of the celebration, the event schedule, and impressions after the visit.

The best way to celebrate the beginning of the spring is going to the Lemon Festival in Menton. This is a bright event of an unbelievable scale, which attracts thousands of local citizens and guests of the city. Lemon Festival photos will blow your mind, and you will want to see everything with your own eyes.

Menton Lemon Festival  Menton Lemon Festival

This holiday is celebrated every single year at the beginning of March and lasts for two weeks. One can find the exact date of the festival on the following Festival Website.


It’s not an occasion that Menton was chosen as the ground for the citrus #festival. This picturesque city in Cote d'-Azur is really famous for its unique climate. It’s surrounded by mountains and rocks, hiding it from the cold winds of the north. Citruses are harvested all year round, immersing the entire city in the unique atmosphere during the blossoming.

Lemon Festival in French Menton

Lemon Festival in French Menton


History of the holiday

According to an old legend, the lemon was planted here in the Mediterranean by Eve after she was expulsed from the paradise. She thought that such a picturesque places look like a garden in paradise. Many years later the city of Menton appeared around the blossoming citrus tree forest.


First Lemon Festival photos were made in 30’s of the last century. That was the first time when people of Menton collected an incredible harvest of citruses and decided to celebrate such an important event.

Do you want to meet the spring in such a way to remember it throughout your life? Then you definitely need to go to Cote d'-Azur in France in order to celebrate Lemon Festival and take some adorable photos in Menton!

The entire city was celebrating that great day, while people were making incredible monuments right from the lemons. People were relaxing, talking and having fun. People liked it so much, and they decided to make it an annual tradition.

Menton Lemon Festival

Menton Lemon Festival


Lemon Festival program of events

The festival offers the new program every year. One thing remains traditional – people construct giant monuments and figures from lemons, holding a colorful parade all around the city. People wear the most colorful clothes, moving through the city to Jardins Biovès Park with giant platforms. They are followed by giant carton heroes, dinosaurs, toys and small copies of local attractions made entirely from citruses.


Lemon Festival photos are clear enough to understand the scale of the event.

some adorable photos in Menton!  some adorable photos in Menton!

Every year people use more than 130 ton of lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. They are installed not only in Biovès but all around the city. During the next two weeks people hold various folklore events, and even create a fair. Here one can buy memorable souvenirs and try the most incredible dishes from lemons. The end of the celebration is a memorable firework.


Not even a single tourist returned from Menton without having colorful Lemon Festival photos. We are sure that you will enjoy the process of taking photos of citrus monuments!

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