The annual Night Challenge running event will take place in NAS Sports Complex at the end of May

The challenge run with the distance of 5 km will take place within the NAS Night Challenge in NAS Sports Complex at the end of May. The participants are able to win up to 56000 AED.

For the three days, on May 23, 24 and 31, the sports complex of Nad Al Sheba will hold a memorable sports event. We are talking about the tournament of alternative sports called NAS Night Challenge. 

NAS Night Challenge

The key event of the tournament is the continuous challenge run with the main prize of 15,000 EAD for the groups and 10,000 AED for individual runners. Furthermore, the winners of the first 10 prizes will also get money rewards. The total prize fund of the event is 56,000 AED.

At the end of May NAS, Sports Complex will hold the annual night challenge run within the NAS Night Challenge with the prize fund of 56000 AED.

Everyone is able to participate in the event. The admission fee for both group and individual runs is 200 AED per person, while those who want to watch the event are able to make it for free. It’s anticipated that more than 2000 professional athletes from all over the world will participate in the event.

The annual Night Challenge

The key feature of the event is the fact that it’s carried out at night. The competition starts at 19:00 and ends when the last runner finishes the race. The track has the distance of 5 km and offers 12 different obstacles, which require special skills, power, and talents. For example, runners have to overcome the wall (one has to climb on the high wall), grape slings (moving on the suspended platforms), curve walls (a narrow line with the curve trajectory), balancer (the runner has to keep the balance), rope ladders, chimney (a narrow chimney that leads to the top), and many others.

Dubai, NAS Sports Complex

This is the second tournament. In 2017 it was carried out for the first time and attracted more than 1000 participants, including a huge number of professional runners from 15 countries. NAS Night Challenge is also the popular amount the cross-fit coaches, professional sprinters, climbers and even firefighters.

NAS Night Challenge

At that time Otman Safi and Latifa Essarok became the winners in the individual group and won 20,000 AED each. The athletes from the UAE won in the group running, getting 20,000 AED as well.


The event is help within the NAS Sports Tournament under the control of Hamdan Al Maktoum Prince.


Venue: Dubai, NAS Sports Complex

Organizer: NAS Sports Complex

Phone for information and registration: +971 54 394 8228

Admission fee: 200 AED for participants, free for guests

Time of the event: 19.00

Date of the event: May 23, 24 and 31, 2018

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