Take an extreme zip-line ride in the outskirts of Rome

Take a zip-line ride in Castelli Romani in Rome: description of the track, tour details, the price of the basic package and photos.

Take a zip-line ride and open the world of an amazing adventure that involves the gravity and the steel rope. You will get a full range of unforgettable emotions and feelings while looking at Rome right from the sky. This extreme attraction is installed in the Roman park called Castelli Romani (45 kilometers from Rome), and can be used by all the people of at least 18 years old, who are not scared of the height!

Take a zip-line ride

The best thing is that the full package includes not only the ride itself but a complete tour around the park on a comfortable vehicle.

Take a zip-line ride right above Castelli Romani Park, and spend an unforgettable weekend in Rome. You will reach the speed of 160 kph, while the entire zip-line covers the distance of 2,225 meters.

The zip-line is located at the altitude of 310 meters above the ground and covers the distance of 2,225 meters. The guests are able to move with the speed from 110 up to 160 kilometers per hour.

What to wait from the ride

In order to take a zip-line ride, one needs to use a set of special equipment that includes comfortable garment that won’t be too tight while providing proper fixation, as well as a pair of glasses and a helmet. One needs to take a horizontal position to make a ride and discover all the beauties below the zip-line: olive groves, wineries, astonishing lakes, and a medieval town.

Take a zip-line ride

Even though the speed is pretty high, one has enough time to discover all the details, while feeling like a real bird flying right in the sky. For those of you, who want to keep the memories about the ride, there’s a chance to rent a GoPro camera (+5 Euros). One can book as a solo, as well as a couple ride above Castelli Romani. Believe us, you will remember this day forever!

Sometimes people decide to give a chance to take a zip-line ride above Castelli Romani as a birthday gift or a chance to make a proposal. All the equipment is totally safe, and these rides are carried out since 2014. All the mechanisms are certified with strict compliance with EU rules.

Basic Package Price

In order to make a tour for 4 people to Castelli Romani with transfer and a detailed excursion, one needs to pay 300 Euros. The entire tour takes around 5 hours (including the time of the transfer).

Take a zip-line ride

The price of a solo ride is 35 Euros, while the couple has to pay 60 Euros. There are special discounts for groups of at least 6 guests. More information can be obtained by calling the following number: +39 334 840 2086.

Take a zip-line ride above Castelli Romani Park, and join an adventure that will make your visit to Rome truly unforgettable! You don’t have a right to miss this opportunity!

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