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By riding an enduro bike in Cyprus you will get the full range of new and unbelievable emotions irrespectively to the level of your experience. You can learn the basics, and try to conquer vertical walls, or cross the wild river in the mountain forest.

There’s a person called Richard living in Cyprus. His has Cypriote and British roots, and he’s one of the people, who make Cyprus really different from other resorts. In case if you decide to visit Limassol or Larnaca, you won’t see any real difference with Antalya or Crete. However, if you decided to see Richard and ride enduro bikes, you will have one of the most memorable holidays of your life.

Enduro on Cyprus

Why do you have to check enduro on Cyprus?

Just imagine that you are riding a bike on the speed on 90 kilometers per hour right along the pathway taking you to the middle of the olive groves, plantations of tomatoes and tiny mountainous villages with white houses. You will make a cloud of dust behind you, finally reaching the mountain, where you can admire the astonishing views of the country.

Do you want to ride a bicycle and reach the top of the hill in order to admire the famous views of Cyprus? Do you want to discover the extreme world of unbearable rocky walls and wild mountainous rivers, which can be conquered using only specially equipped bikes? Maybe you are interested in special elements and incredible tricks on the bike? In all of these cases, you have to go to Richard on Cyprus in order to fulfill your demands.

In case if you are an experienced racer, Richard will see that you are bored, and will definitely take you to a location with special constructions for tricks. Here you can feel the unlimited drive and emotions, making astonishing tricks, and trying to pass even the most complex places, such as rocky mountains, wild rivers and the field with tall grass.

Enduro on Cyprus

Finally, you will be amazed after taking a ride on the edge of the mountain at the altitude of 15 meters, looking at the wild sea waves. Riding the bicycle at the speed of 60-70 kph will stress even the most experienced bikers.

Enduro on Cyprus

In the middle of the route, you will stop in one of the small restaurants in order to taste the best dishes of the local cuisine, Greek salads, smoked lamb and cheese. In the evening you can go to the beach and drink some beer.

I don’t know how to ride a bicycle!

You definitely need to see Richard. He will teach you the basics of enduro in 15 minutes. In case if you know English at the most basic level, you will ride a bike in a matter of minutes, following a special route without sharp curves. 


Is it really necessary to say that such a ride will bring a lot of positive emotions to a person, who had never tried to ride a bike?

Do they offer several routes?

Richard made and checked 9 routes ranging from 35 to 115 kilometers each. In a half of an hour, he will take you to the most complex location.

Enduro on Cyprus

Duration: Min. 3 hours

Location: Cyprus, Parola 15, Parekklisia 4520

Phone: +357 99 280256


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