Eating out in Minsk, Belorussia

24 December 2018
Visitors order risotto with white mushrooms and lard, ravioli with sablefish, onion soup with crottin and Mille-feuille for desert.

New food establishments open in Minsk every year. Many of them offer tasty dishes at a reasonable price, but since not all of them can guarantee this, considering a list of tried places is a good idea.


Gurman. Country-wide loved meat dumplings

There are two “Gurman” establishments in Minsk, with the best one located behind the Opera Theatre. It’s very quiet here; apple-trees grow between nice two-storied houses; nightingales sing beautifully. The place itself has a light hall with early 20th century Moulin Rouge posters, an old cash register, and a big terrace outside. The menu boasts a dozen types of house-made meat dumplings, cutlets, potato flapjacks, salads and soups. The place’s main peculiarity is its schedule: no other local eatery is open at 8 a.m. at weekends. The second restaurant is placed in the center, on the noisy Pobediteley prospect.

7, Kamunistychnaya st.

Mo-Su 8.00–23.00



Mai Thai. Minsk first Thai restaurant

Legend has it that the place is named after a Thai girl Mai who the owner once wooed with no luck. In fact, the restaurant is about a minimalistic interior, with a couple of Thailand king’s portraits on the walls, chief cook Sumudu Priyant – a Sri Lankan graduate of Blue Elephant culinary school – and a menu with noodles, tom yum and curry. The recipes are mostly abridged, but if the waiter describes a dish as spicy, it is spicy indeed.

11, Kirova st.

пн-вс 12.00–23.00



Grand Café. Status marker restaurant

This place is not cheap. Visitors are mostly businessmen, politics and foreigners. It’s often used to entertain business partners or make a proposal. Guests order risotto with white mushrooms and lard, ravioli with sablefish, onion soup with crottin and Mille-feuille for desert. The restaurant also boasts a decent collection of wines.

2, Lenina st.

Mo-Su 12.00–0.00



Enzo. Steaks, burgers and industrial interior

Enzo has a spacious two-level hall with brick walls and a neon sign, a bar counter and a terrace. There’s a dozen burgers on the menu, nine steaks, bruschetta and cheese-and-meat wine snacks. This is an excellent place for late dinner or lunch. At daytime simpler dishes are served here such as chicken skewers and zucchini battercakes.

23, Octyabrskaya st.

Mo-Th, Su 11.00–0.00, Fr-Sa 11.00–3.00




Sjikari. Pan-Asian cuisine in the center


Although it’s supposed to become a chain restaurant, the interior of the first establishment doesn’t look like one, with its amber-colored lighting, bright sofas, colorful cane lamp-shades, nice little things – from flowers and books to cupronickel teapots. The cuisine is abridged, but you can instruct the waiter to serve your meal prepared fair and square. You can try a tasting set – “Chalong” with amber and chili containing “Sim-Sim” lemonade.


18, Nezavisimosti pr

Mo-Th, Su 10.00–0.00, Fr-Sa 10.00–2.00


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